The Italian Job – eating free from at Zizzi’s

The Italian Job – eating free from at Zizzi’s

So here is my first written review! Zizzi’s Italian is what I would call a fairly popular place, I’ve now been a couple of times to the one at Gloucester Quays and have enjoyed each time I have been,  first for a friends birthday, then just for a quick dessert and yesterday for a lunch date with my friend Rachel. I met Rachel yesterday for a quick catch up – which turned into a 3 course meal – and a bite to eat. Undecided on where to go we chose Zizzi’s based on their lunch offer. We choose to sit outside and enjoy the sun at there little wooden tables and posh plastic chairs (like normal plastic chairs but in a lace like design). Although I’m vegetarian I often ask for a vegan menu because I hate cheese. Yes all cheese. I’m not allergic i just hate it, and no I do not like it on pizza, or like cheesecake. But if you’re ordering a pizza hut (not a domino’s because they cover their garlic bread in, yes you guessed it, cheese!) I will have a cheese-less pizza and yes it is still a pizza and no its not just bread with ketchup on! but moving swiftly on… I asked for the vegan menu as well as the lunch special menu. And that is where one of the most annoying thing happened, despite having an allergen menu none of the allergen menu was available on the lunch deal menu “I don’t think there’s anything on our lunch menu which is vegan actually, but here you go.”  Sigh.  There wasn’t.

Enjoy Rachel's Hand

After a little debate, Rachel and I decided to be “Rich for a day” and thought oh well lets go all out despite not being able to actually do the deal. I ordered a cranberry juice which the waitress informed me was soon going to be taken off the menu so she was unsure if they had any but luckily there was! We started with the Little Soul Breads and added the trio of dips for an extra £1.50 (I did say we were going all out). Each little bit of bread is dusted with salt and garlic however i’d highly recommend adding the dips otherwise it would be just bland and dry. With the dips, they were amazing though. As I’ve said before I am vegetarian not vegan so this starter was not suitable for vegans however vegan starters including vegan bruschetta were available which was nice to see. The four mini breads which aren’t actually that mini were served in a rustic style on a little wooden bored accompanied with our extra dips. I am so glad we shared. We started to tuck in, well actually no, Rachel started too until i started shouting at her as she tore into the bread “I need photos for my blog!”. So actually that artistic photo of our bread featuring Rachel’s hand is actually where shes trying to reassemble our starter for my photos. We both quickly decided our favourite dip was the garlic butter. Strong and very creamy. My second favourite and also probably Rachel’s by the way that those two dips were completely finished at the end was the smoked capia pepper (the orange one) beautiful flavor and it wasn’t too over powering. And finally the pea and pecornio, as I’m not a massive fan of peas it’s not really a surprise that I wasn’t over joyed with this one. The texture wasn’t my favourite either as I would of preferred a more smooth dip or slightly more spreadable constancy, it wasn’t disgusting but nor was it great. The other two dips were enough for all of the bread though so it was all good!

For my main I did order from the Vegan mMainenu, vegan spaghetti pomodoro – like the vegetarian but without the cheese. As soon as it came I added a grind of pepper – this may sound silly but it wasn’t the same as when they do it with the big pepper mill for you as i think that adds more to the Italian experience but hey ho I guess I can grind my own pepper. I then requested some chili oil as although we had extra virgin olive oil the outside tables didn’t have chili oil as well like the indoor seating did. I guess if you sit outside you don’t like it hot? I’d just like to add that all of the pasta dishes were available in gluten free on request! The portion sizes although they do not look massive were actually pretty decent and there was just enough especially as pasta is very filling but who doesn’t like a big bowl of carbs? However they were a little slap dash in the bowl. As I love hot food I did add a lot of chili oil and Rachel assures me that the extra virgin olive oil which she added to her dish was great as well. It was a lovely dish but nothing amazing, I have had better pomodoro in other places with a bit more depth and flavor. Was it worth the £7.95? probably not. The love was definitely missing from the dish. But over all it was nice. Just nice.

“Did you want to order dessert?” of course we did. Who doesn’t want dessert? and I obviously had to eat it for theDessert purpose of the blog. We sat inside in a booth as of course we were in England so despite the previous hot sunny weather it was now raining. The dessert saved the meal after that main course. I ordered the three scoops of gelato and had one of each sorbet flavour, strawberry, lemon and the seasonal – raspberry. All of these were Vegan,
Dairy free
, and Gluten free. And being the kid i am i had to order an extra of popping candy. Because popping candy is just like sprinkles, it just makes everything better. The sorbet was served in a tall metal bowl to keep it from melting so quickly – nice touch. Each flavour were equally delicious, the tangy lemon and the sweetness or the strawberry and raspberry all complimented each other nicely and was the perfect ending to the meal it was totally refreshing and a great pallet cleanser.

So a very quick summary and rate (out of 5):

  • Allergen menu 3 – would be higher if they included it in the deals.
  • Starter 3.5
  • Main 2
  • Dessert 4
  • Overall service 3.5 – Service was nice but there was no special touches made or extra effort.


  1. kyle
    22nd September 2016 / 4:07 pm

    Me and my partner are going to zizzi’s for a meal on the weekend. reading this blog makes me want to skip the main and double up on the dessert lol. good blog enjoyed the read.

    • iyalouisa
      22nd September 2016 / 4:40 pm

      Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Kieran
    22nd September 2016 / 6:20 pm

    Reading this review has made me crave pasta and I think I will most definitely be checking this place out. Great first blog post. Look forward to seeing more 🙂

    • iyalouisa
      22nd September 2016 / 9:16 pm


  3. Barrie
    25th September 2016 / 12:37 pm

    Loved the blog pictures were great,will pass this on.

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    • iyalouisa
      13th August 2019 / 5:51 pm

      How? haha

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