Why I Would Hate To Have A Soggy Bottom//Meeting Nadiya Hussain

Why I Would Hate To Have A Soggy Bottom//Meeting Nadiya Hussain

So by now we are well into the latest season of Great British Bake Off and with all the controversy of it changing stations and loosing one of the best people in the world, Mary Berry, it is again topic of the year. And yes we are all angry and upset that she’s decided not to continue despite being 81 and being a cooking inspiration since the 60’s (so 50+ years of entertaining and teaching us the skills of baking and sandwich making!). Time off? how disgusting! but even so, well deserved time off or not it will not be the same! And despite Paul being a huge traitor and moving over I still love it all!

One of the biggest questions and most frequent thing I get asked is “Why don’t you go on bake off?” So here is my top 10 reasons (not in any particular order) why I would never go on bake off!

  1. That hot tent in the middle of summer with all of my icing melting? no thanks! – image2-1I already tried to ice a cookie monster cake for my step dads birthday a couple years back and the icing melting was definitely stressful. Almost as stressful as not having the right shade of blue for his, i don’t know what to call it… fur?
  2. Paul Hollywood’s annoying questioning – It annoys me when I tell my mum what I’m doing and she questions it let alone Paul.
  3. The questioning after you’ve completely messed up a challenge – I came last in the technical so no I’m obviously not going to feel great…
  4. The hours of just waiting around for things to prove which they obviously cut out – confirmed by Nadiya!
  5. The memes! – The last thing I need is an out of context baking innuendo of me “So moist”
  6. If someone took my ice-cream out the freezer I’d probably get done for GBH  *Cough* Diana Beard *cough* 2014 baked Alaska fiasco.
  7. Having to bake under time pressure – 45 minutes to prepare 24 identical tarts? Nah you’re alright
  8. I’d probably end up being that person sat in front of the oven in sheer panic probably crying as their choux don’t rise and the forgotten creme anglaise is burning…
  9. If one of my show stoppers went wrong… Ok I’m not what you would call calm so if Mary decided yet again she wanted a gingerbread house for biscuit week it would be a repeat of the shortbread church of Christmas 2015 which all ended in tears and a lot of shortbread in the bin.. there were stained-glass windows and everything! But I really don’t like talking about it..
  10. Finally and similarly to the last one everything you do being on camera… everything. Which takes me onto Nadiya

So at this years Gloucester food festival I had the privilege of meeting Bake Off winner 2015 Nadiya Hussain in between her demo and her book signing. Nadiya has now gone on to have her own TV show, showcasing her own traditional cookbook and dabbling in children’s writing/cookbooks! Apart from being a lot smaller than i expected she was just like how she was on bake off! charming, witty jokes and happy to share! She gave me some great tips for turning her recipes suitable for veggies and of course she told me all about bake off. Which brings me back to number 10! You’re constantly being filmed! So if you even slightly react they will be all over you!

Nadiya HussainIf I did anything I was so conscious of it I’d just stand completely still.. which was actually worse because then they’d know and all rush over shouting what did you do! what went wrong!”.

Nadiya was clearly so proud of her roots and her big family (her parents have 6 children!) she said her mother taught her all of her traditional dishes “If there isn’t rice as part of the meal my mum doesn’t see it as a proper meal at all!” She laughed. Her mum cooked to feed the family, stretching a normal meal for 4 and turning it into one for six (thats why there’s eggs in Nadiya’s curries!) and her dad was the one who cooked more for enjoyment. Together they both encouraged her to never be afraid in the kitchen and try new things. And that’s where she found a love for baking and wishes to share this with her own children – and of course now all of us!

After our quick chat and a few selfies I had to dash over to Cheltenham to see my cousin but I can honestly say she was lovely and winning bake off has definitely not changed her personality wise and her cook books including nadiyas – bake
me a story are worth a buy! 



  1. Jennifer Prince
    10th July 2018 / 3:18 pm

    I love cooking shows! And my husband wonders why because I can’t taste any of it. Lol. But they are fun and addictive!

  2. iyalouisa
    10th July 2018 / 6:23 pm

    Haha! They are

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