The Renaissance? Oh wait The Revival!

The Renaissance? Oh wait The Revival!

First off let me explain the name of this post. So I went to Cheltenham about a week ago for lunch with my friend image1-4Miki, where we spent a good while looking for a place that Miki had heard of which did veggie food image2-3called the renaissance. Having absolutely no luck finding it I decided to ring my cousin Josh who lives there to ask if he had heard of it “Do you mean the revival?” “Oh yeah that’s the one!” Like really Michelle. Really. “Renaissance, revival, same thing!” It definitely was not the same thing.

So now we had a clue where we were actually going, thanks to josh who is newly vegetarian and decided to join us (I’d love to say it
was my last blog post that converted him but it wasn’t, he decided to go veggie on his own). The Revival Cafe Bar and Grill in the center of Cheltenham is just what we needed. Simply decorated, cheap prices and a relaxed atmosphere with additional seating upstairs and outside. image3-1

I ordered the vegetable skewers, veg; peppers, mushrooms, courgettes, shallots and tomatoes which came
with rice and a balsamic dressed side salad £5.95. It was all cooked perfectly, as you can see from the picture my skewers were well seasoned, the salad was fresh and the rice cooked through and not stodgy (i hate that). I was so happy to see that they had actually dressed the salad! A simple vegetarian dish but executed perfectly. To accompany this I ordered a smoothie which was served in a glass jar – very hipster. All made with fresh fruit and apple juice £3.25. And I’ve got to admit I nicked a few of Miki’s skinny fries – unfortunately these image4were not called skinny fries for there amazing weight loss properties more the cut. In fact we all shared Miki’s one portion of skinny fries that’s how big the portion was! Crisp yet not oily. Again to stay “cool” these fries were served in a metal dish lined with newspaper print grease-proof paper.

The food? excellent, the service? not so much. Despite the staff being polite and friendly they certainly did not go out of their way for the experience and the atmosphere was probably better due to who I was with rather than the setting itself. Firstly a different waiter came to deliver our drinks and as it was not the person who took our order they had no clue who’s drinks were who’s, which would of been fine if he actually knew which smoothies he had brought over. Both were similar in colour but one had fruit that I do not like and also fruit I am allergic too in (I’m allergic to Kiwis). In fact not only did he not know which was which but he also didn’t know which smoothies he had at all, but we eventually figured it out. They had also, well I assume, forgotten to check on us and ask if everything was alright with our meal. Okay, I know some people will think actually that bits really annoying when you have a mouthful of food and they ask you and you just have to nod and hope they walk away but as the place was rather quiet not only would it have been good practice but then we would of been given the opportunity to ask for more drinks. Instead Josh had to run to the bar and ask for one which in the middle of eating is not great. Then it was like that had actually forgotten the coke in his drink, like we all know josh likes a drink but even that was a bit too far meaning again he had to get up and ask for more coke.

Overall a great place to go for a cheap casual meal with people who perhaps have a specific dietary requirement like me (vegetarian) and people who are not free from at all so its great for pleasing everyone!

**Quick Note** Photo with Josh was taken after our meal in Lily Gins, not in the revival! like i said, we all know josh likes a drink

So a very quick summary and rate (out of 5):

  • Allergen menu 2 – Great for vegetarian, ok for vegan, not good for gluten free
  • My Meal 4
  • Overall service 2.5
  • Worth the money you’re paying? Yes

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