Man Like Levi

Man Like Levi

New Post! So I’ve just celebrated my birthday and I have been ill this week so blogging was definitely not my priority! Although after taking the evening off work (I’m still ill! Feel sorry for me!) I thought I better do something before I slip completely out of routine, so I’m typing in my onesie on my sofa with my lucozade in one hand, toilet roll in the other. So why not try and cheer myself up by blogging about meeting one of the coolest men alive. Mr Levi Roots (real name Keith but sssh – He slipped that in after a few swigs of rum during his cooking Demo at Gloucester Quays Food Festival “My gran said Kieth! I mean Levi” turns and smirks to everyone).  Now Levi is one of the coolest and amazing people I have met. Dressed all in white he just casually strolled out, guitar at the ready to play some of his original music and captured everyone. Yeah man. Complete Silence. He was amazing. After his demos from his cookbook “Grill it with LEVI : 101 Reggae recipes for sunshine and soul” which I had to buy after our chat (but I wont go into that yet) he performed the classic reggae reggae sauce jingle that everyone knows and loves. Got to admit he did sigh a little but he knew he’d end up performing it and preformed it grinning and after all that rum a little wrong stopping and starting “Or with two big fat slappers!” stops playing guitar, laughs, starts again “Or with two big fat snappers”. All the way through his performance and demo he plugging local small businesses in Gloucestershire and charming everyone with his casual and calm attitude.image1-6

One thing I am very interested in doing myslef is food stalls. Something Levi is all too familiar with. Selling his Jerk chicken at places like Notting Hill Carnival before he made it big, “The people at carnival become family. Now after the first few years you share your customers, chat to other food stalls. I go on dragons den and come back and do carnival and wow my Que was crazy! and that’s when the others were like ‘Oi Levi, come on man! this aint fair.’ Laughs. So that’s when I start my rasta-urant, not restaurant. Rasta-urant.” Although Levi did go back to Notting hill this year to celebrate.

Now I did not know this until I met Levi but his son is Free From! This is due to health reasons.

“He eats a lot of fish and I’ve started to eat free from too because its easier when I am cooking to make just one dish and healthier! Cutting out butter and dairy mainly.” 

Now if you are Jamaican you will understand how cutting out something like butter from the diet with our style cooking can be hard! because I don’t know about you but I see our food as pure comfort food. Which is why we probably spoke about how amazing coconut oil is together for far too long! From taking out the fat in festivals (A fried, sweetened Jamaican dumpling) to turning a lot of his dishes vegetarian, trust me that man has the tips!

So today I launched my social media profiles. This is something I probably should of done at the start of the year but didn’t for various reasons; lack of ideas, worrying about what people may think, lack of logo (now done thanks to Ella at Luna Lotus!) etc.. but meeting Levi gave me a whole lot of confidence “When I went on Dragons Den none of my kids wanted me on there. None of them. With my silly song about jerk and me guitar. Now look! If you have something, and you have confidence and motivation go for it, don’t worry about nobody. Now matter how silly it seems.”

This is where it got a bit weird for me, Levi asked me about me. Which I obviously was not prepared for and sold myself terribly (awk). “Yea girl you do it, you do you, get serious by next year and write to me. We can sort things out.” “Write to you?” “Yes, get my address and write to me.” And that is where I decided I adored the man. Trust me after my terrible way of selling myself I was not expecting that at all.

“One Love.”  

And that was it, meeting with Levi over.

Now as regards to the selfie we took 3 on snapchat. 2 of which I loved but Levi hated so we went for the one I looked terrible in and he looked great in. Typical.


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