Tredworth Junior School DiverCity Workshop

Tredworth Junior School DiverCity Workshop

So today I did something which I found absolutely amazing! I held my first ever workshop! This was as part of image4-2this years Diver-city Festival Gloucester running from the 31st October – 5th November. (Ill post more info on my facebook page iya-louisa’s) You may not of known this but I’m actually a qualified teaching assistant and although I have chosen a different career path I have missed teaching so when Valerie Simms gave me the opportunity I jumped at the chance!

I was there to teach diversity, a bit about Jamaica and make some patties(vegetarian of course)! And god did they all get stuck in, maybe too much… flour was everywhere. They all agreed that their favourite parts were the messy parts (adding butter to the pastry) and they all definitely learnt a lot. Making a rough flaky pastry is hard for a lot of us but they were brilliant (some had better pastry than me!). All of them were great with veg, favourites being; broccoli, red onions and carrots which luckily for me were all in the filling.image1-7image3-3image4-5image3-6image2-5

We spoke about all things Jamaican from Usain Bolt to kingston to why rice and peas is just sooooooo great. Touching about other countries and who our cultures are influenced by, the shock of pasta being from Italy and not Japan was unreal! What a revelation!  Seeing children get stuck in to a bowl of patty filling and begging for more (which we actually needed was great), that’s one way to get your children to eat veg.image4-3image3-4image4-6image1-8image4-7



Some of my favourite quotes of today:

“Diversity means everyone is different and that’s great!”

“Making peace is important”

“Who knew vegetables would taste this good!”

“I’m going to teach my dad to make this, he loves jamaican food!  Well all food.. he joined a gym.”

accent Wagwan little boy. normal voice And that’s how to speak patois.”

“I always say I hate spicy food but i can actually taste things in this, amazing.”

“Can we keep the recipe!”

“People have different skin colours and religions but we should treat them the same”

Teaching children about other cultures and for some even, teaching things that they didn’t know about their own was honestly so rewarding – cringey I know. Bring on my next one in November!image1-13


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  1. Nathan
    17th October 2016 / 7:21 pm

    Great blog, can’t wait for the next one, love how you write keep up the good work

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