NYX Wonder Stick Review

NYX Wonder Stick Review

This is my first post in my throwing shade section of my blog – Vegan and cruelty free makeup! image1-5So vegan and crueltyfree make isn’t necessarily the way people see it, for example a brand that tests on animals; MAC Vs Something you’ve made from coffee and home remedy in your garden. A lot of great brands are actually cruelty free.  Which leads me on to NYX.

NYX is cruelty free and on some packaging, mainly the american ones holds the PETA logo. The NYX wonder stick was introduced to me by my friend Ciera (we are forever trying out new brands and image3-2Ciera is normally my go to person when it comes to finding makeup). It is a contour and highlight stick and after trying out all different contour palettes cheap and expensive I can honestly say this is the best one so far and it sits in the middle of the price range at £10 (from boots). It is available in four different shade combinations and I am
wearing WSO3 – Deep which is their darkest one however they do do an universal stick.

So lets start with the packaging, It comes in a simple box with a quick step by step guideimage4-1
on the back with where to highlight and contour. The stick is wrapped in a little protective cloth so it wont damage the cream make up inside. Obviously the contour stick is a double ended stick with the lighter shade (highlighter) at one end and the darker shade (contour) at the other,

*Before anyone says it I am aware that I need my brows waxed!*

First of all I applied my foundation then used the strobing technique to apply the highlight and image5contour. Can I just say after using a brush to apply the contour for however many months the stick just makes everything so much easier and quicker! I did use dots to do my main line of contour under the cheek bone.

I then blended out my contour with a blending brush and it was very easy to blend out on my face my neck not so much! Under eyes it did leave little streaks and when set it is impossible to blend any further so do not put any powder on until you are 100% ready to finish the contour. Finally set it with loose translucent powder using the clouding technique to set the highlight. As this was causal day makeup I made my lines less defined and blended them out a lot more than I would if I was going out. I then finished the rest of my make up and set, as i always would, with fixing spray.

BeforeContour After









I had applied and finished my makeup by 1pm and I set out to meet my friend Dan for a late lunch and a long neeWork selfieded catch up (Review on eating free from at Portivo will be posted very soon!) and walked to meet him.

By 4ish we had finished our food and walked over to my works, I have got to say when i gave Dan a hug some of my makeup had com e off and was now on his high vis jacket (which i don’t think he was too pleased about!) at 5pm I took a quick selfie at work to see how my makeup was lasting and I was pretty pleased with the results.

After working in the kitchen until 10:15pm and I had gotten home I took a selfie at around 10:45 and as you can see the contour is still visible! So despite rubbing off on Dan it had actually lasted the evening! What more could you want? Cruelty free makeup at its finest.

Home time


So a very quick summary and rate (out of 5):

  • Application : 3
  • Price: 3
  • Lasting: 4
  • Finish: 3.5



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