Lounging around with Dan

Lounging around with Dan

The Lounges, in particular Portivo Lounge are known for their free from food options. And in Gloucester img_8815they were the first to bring this to the Quays. Shabby chic and Hipster at the heart of their design they are the typical look and feel of the free from world. With the purposely missed matched chairs and cool calm atmosphere and rustic paint job it really does reflect the name and the menu style.

Last month Dan and I gave it a go. Starting with a Sherbet Lemonade £2.75, nice and tart but could do with a img_8812little more fizz.  I have been to Portivo numerous amount of times and I often order off of the Vegan menu because as I always mention, my hatred of cheese. This includes Halloumi which Portvio seems to be obsessed with. So I went for the Thai-spiced Quinoa Burger – edamame beans, pak choi, wood-roasted peppers and coconut sauce in a sourdough bun, with house slaw and fries at £8.95. The slaw was fine, the sweet potato fires were amazing but the burger itself though was nothing revolutionary or special as the menu description conveys. You img_8813can not taste the specific flavors so you may as well be eating any other vegan vegetable burger. Its dry texture (clearly a little burnt img_8814from the taste of the oil but I think it would of been dry regardless) was highlighted by the
small amount or lack of coconut sauce which flavour was not present at all. In my opinion vegans eat this burger and find it amazing because in Gloucester the vegan range we
have to offer is so limited that you cant help but like it. If I to go again I’m going to have to stick the tapas. The enjoyment in Portivo was not due to food or service but more the fact that i was with Dan.

So a very quick summary and rate (out of 5):

  • Allergen menu 3 – Not because their inst a huge range but because the range is boring itself
  • My Meal 2
  • Overall service 2.5
  • Worth the money you’re paying? No

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