New Year New Iya – Louisa

New Year New Iya – Louisa

***UPDATE*** How the hell is my year going? I probably should have done this in June but you know me, I’m rubbish at this stuff. I am only just getting organised. Sorry! But I’ve decided to cross off any goals that I have actually achieved for this year and I’ve added a few little links to post that go with them! 15/21 goals complete! 6 to go!

First of all let me just apologise for last month, I hardly posted. However, now its New Year and I am back! From the title of this post I guess you already know what this is going to be about…

My pet hate is not “New Year New Me” status’ on Facebook it is the people who write a status complaining about saidImage result for new year new me positive status’.  Let me just say I haven’t actually seen a “New Year New Me” status since, I don’t know, probably 2012? Only people moaning about them. And why? Why is it that if someone wants to make a positive change we as a society say “that will only last 2 weeks”“how self involved/ self centered are they for saying positive changes they’re going to make.”, “Well I’m not changing, I am going to be the same c*nt I am every year because that makes me happy.” When no, actually you’re not happy according to your 12 previous status’ about your ex and being fat. Don’t get me wrong some of the resolutions we set ourselves do only last a few weeks due to motivation, but sometimes if you really do set positive goals you can achieve them. No matter who you are you can always set a positive goal for yourself.


Another thing people say is “Why only start on new years, why not today? you don’t get a fresh start because its the 1st of January.” Nobody’s saying the 1st wipes the slate clean, but if you’re looking for a bit more of a push and to help motivate yourself it is a great time to do it. So if you are one of the people who I’ve quoted above instead of moaning about other people setting goals maybe you should set some, one of them being ‘A more positive less judgmental outlook on life’.


So now you’re thinking maybe ‘New Year New Me’ isn’t the worse thing ever? Here’s my Top 6 tips for making New Years Resolutions:

  • Make all of your resolution’s positive. If you’re writing them down don’t put ‘To be skinny.’ Put something more along the lines ‘Get to a confident/happy weight’ ‘Fit in my old jeans’.
  • Don’t treat this as a complete fresh start. Yes the past is the past but you also need to take the past and learn from it, not run away from it.
  • Set achievable goals but don’t limit yourself. Sound a bit contradictory? What I mean is yes you can say ‘I want to be a millionaire’, ‘I want to climb Everest’ or even simply ‘I want to be a size 10’ because anything is achievable. Although, if you are size 16 and you put ‘I want to be size 10 in two months’ there is no healthy practical way you will achieve this, so don’t set out to fail.
  • Remember to set small goals as well as big goals. 
  • Don’t let anyone tell you you can not achieve something, cut out all negativity. Even if it’s from family members.
  • Have fun with them, only set goals that you personally want to do and will help you. Don’t follow others if its not beneficial to you.

Now it’s my turn… Here’s Iya – Louisa’s 21 Resolutions! In no particular order (why 21? some people were doing 50 and well.. ain’t nobody got time for that):

  1. Try all of the different free from diets out for a better understanding of them all (and of course, post about it).
  2. Finally sort out my business twitter account. 
  3. Get 5k social media followers. I can achieve that in a year right? Help me out please haha – instagram: @Iyalouisas Facebook: Iya – Louisa’s
  4. Do 5 food stalls. 
  5. Do 10 workshops.
  6. Try and learn new skills in the kitchen.  I went on an Asian Street Food workshop!
  7. Travel for food! Okay I’m quite looking forward to this one haha. I need to find some amazing free from places as currently the places in Gloucester haven’t been great… (Ill keep you posted in my Adventures category of the blog!) I’ve been going all around the UK (posts will be up soon!) and I also went to dam. 
  8. Hit up more food fayres! 
  9. Post at least once a week! I promise I’ll try really hard with this one. I can say I am now starting to do this! I’ll try being more consistent on the days too!
  10. Order and try new things off the menu! (I tried sprouts last year!) I’ve tried so many different things!
  11. Make a stand. This year just like my mum (yes here’s ANOTHER plug —> Toxicol Protest) I am determined to help make a difference and stand up for something I believe in in one way or another. Pledge to go cruelty Free and Join my campaign. 
  12. Do 3 interviews. This could be a little tricky but… Interview 1: From Drew To Blu
  13. Handle stressful situations better.  Running the campaign has deffo sorted that one for me!
  14. Educate people on the freefrom diets. This kind of goes with resolution 1, and no, I am not going to start saying we all need to turn Vegan (of course there are valid reasons to you murderers! I joke! kinda…) but people should know where their food is from and about other diets. This isn’t just about how animals are killed its also about where veg is from too, as from previous workshops I’ve held I can tell you a lot of children and even some adults have no clue! Here’s a little something on Veganism!
  15. Try and test more cruelty free beauty brands for Throwing ShadeMy beauty buys will be coming soon!
  16. Sort out my business plan. Yawn. I kind of know my goals now.
  17. Be more Organised. If you know me then you’ll know I am extremely forgetful and a little unorganised but now I’ve got a calendar and two diaries I’ll just have to get better! Right? Ok so I think this has now happened! apart from forgetting my driving lesson and opening the door to my instructor in a dressing gown I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress here!
  18. Get more connected with other bloggers. Help to build up each other! Check out The Versatile Blogger Awards
  19. Cut out negative people/don’t let them affect me. Bye Bitches!
  20. Have more confidence in my business.  Yaass
  21. Work and learn from great people.  Exciting stuff coming soon!

So that’s my goals for the year and later on ( a lot later on!) I will do a review to see if I’ve actually achieved any! Would love to hear some of yours so let me know! Happy New Year!


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  1. Granddad
    1st January 2017 / 12:51 pm

    Your blog gets better each.And yes I’m will try being a vegetarian for a week.

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