Hello everyone! I am back! And with a crazy start to this year, I am finally ready to reveal my next project. If you can remember my goals/New years resolutions post… Yep, the “new year, new me” one… The one you probably thought I wouldn’t ever do… The one I thought I probably wouldn’t do either… Still don’t remember? Well feel free to take a look –> New Year New Iya – Louisa. I am actually going to do something from it! If you’re still following and haven’t died from shock I am going to kick off with a pretty big one, Number 11 on the list, “Make A Stand”. When I wrote this I had no clue what I was really going to make a stand about, let alone realise that I was going to end up with a big project on my hands.
What am I going to do? So I chose a similar path to my mum when she was my age (Yes I am still plugging that blog post, My Mum Making A Stand – The Toxicol Protest) and I have decided to protest. I am going to Protest against Animal Testing for Make up. Unlike my mum I am not going to stick to her style exactly and get a group of my mates into a camper-van and chain ourselves to Boots or something. I’m sticking to what I know best and using the art of social media. With a little help, well a lot of help, from volunteers, friends and family, we have put together an amazing blog series with a photo shoot finale that highlights the damages and horror of animal testing, and the brands you should boycott due to not being cruelty-free. We are also starting a little protest to ban beauty products which are tested on animals in high street stores, so please give it a sign.
Enough about me… Please meet my amazing Team and their, uh, interesting answers for their profile questions. Enjoy.


Iya – Louisa White
(Yep that’s me. Okay I know I said enough about me but..) I am producing/and creating this protest… I am the brains of the operation, I know scary right! Was this just an excuse for a selfie? Maybe

@IyaLouisas & Iya – Louisas @Iyazwhite





Alisha Jones, 16 from Gloucester.

Occupation: A Level student
Fun Fact:  I love all things Pastel, pretty, pink and vintage. I truly believe in La Vie en rose
Why I am Involved: I’m involved because I feel ashamed of how animals are being manipulated and harmed just for the production of cosmetics, a method of artificial beauty contrasting how animals are naturally beautiful… we need to make people aware of these tests going on, informing them in the truth of what really happens behind the manufacture of makeup. I hope that by doing this, we can change the way cosmetics are made.

@pastelprincessie & My Youtube!

Photography TeamNo automatic alt text available.

Ben Tompkins, 19 from Gloucester.
Occupation: Stacking shelf’s at night
Fun Fact: um I have a small third nipple?
Why I am Involved: I like photography and I don’t believe animals should be involved in the making of makeup just for people to try make themselves look better it unnecessary.

Grace Perry, 18 from Ashleworth.
Occupation: Retail Assistant Hobbycraft
Fun Fact: “I have Coeliac disease” “Is that your fun fact?” “Ahahaa I Literally have no fun facts about myself… I burnt my hand on an iron when I was 3”
Why I am Involved: To help out a great cause and to get some more experience for my own photography portfolio.

Artists – Hair, Makeup and Art

Charlie Williams, 19 from Quedgeley.
Occupation: Hairdresser
Fun Fact: I wanted to open a fancy dress shop and dress up as a different character each day!

Why I am Involved: It’s a good cause and I’ve always believed in saying no to animal testing.


Molly Cheyne, 19 from Cirencester.
Occupation: Student/Barista
Fun Fact: I train under tens football club and they still believe that i’ve played for England!
Why I am Involved: I wanted to be involved cause I think people need to know what make up companies are doing to animals, for beauty products. Its about making people aware.



Stefany Adriano, 23 from Linden.
Occupation: My Desserts
Fun Fact: I’m originally from Brazil and moved over when I was 8
Why I am Involved: I want to be involved because I don’t believe in animal cruelty as there’s no need for testing in this day and age.


Image may contain: 1 person, closeupRobyn Howe, 19 from Gloucester.
Occupation: Student at Taunton University studying for a foundation degree in media makeup.
Fun Fact: I am a dancer, I’ve passed exams in pole dance, areil hoop and silk
Why I am Involved: In a nutshell I am opposed to animal testing, I think it is extremely cruel and unnecessary, with so many companies being able to make products without it, especially with lush making a vast majority of their products vegan, I think it is cruelty with no purpose. I think many people don’t even consider animal testing to still be continued so this is a perfect way to put the point across and make a stand.

Robyn Howe SFX

ModelsImage may contain: 1 person, phone

Alix Lund, 19 from Gloucester.
Occupation: University student studying English Literature
Fun Fact:  I want to go and do the inca trail and visit machu picchu one day!
Why I am Involved: I want to be involved because animals are living things they’re not inanimate objects, the rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs have the same right to life as any other animal and should be treated as sentient beings.


Cicely Parsons, 19 from Gloucester.
Occupation: Student studying animal behavior and welfare
Fun Fact:I own 8 pets including two crazy terriers called Ben and Perry.
Why I am Involved: I wanted to be involved as cruelty free is a personal interest of mine from what I’ve learnt during my course and other areas of the issues and welfare concerns of animal testing, as well as helping give an active contribution to the cause.


Coral Neika Atkin
, 18 from Gloucester.
Occupation: Forklift Driver
Fun Fact: *Mentions something illegal* “And that’s a fact!” “Uh not sure I can put that one…” “Omg noooo! okay. hang on then… I can booby dance! I actually can.” So Coral can booby dance.. we’ll just let that one sink in a second.
Why I am Involved:  I want to be involved as this is something I’ve never done before, not only is it a good cause but I am always turning down photo-shoots because I’m too shy for the camera but I want to face my fear and get this done:) meet new people and will be great fun.



Emma McAllister, 18 from GloucesterOccupation: Apprentice Nursery Practitioner
Fun Fact: I can touch my tongue with my nose!
Why I am Involved: to start raising more awareness on animal testing and supporting companies who are cruelty free, standing up for the vulnerable animals and taking part in a great cause!



Image may contain: one or more people, closeup and indoorHenrietta Burrowes, 17 from Gloucester
Occupation: Receptionist
Fun Fact: I once won £100 on scratch cards two days in a row! (Alright for some!)
Why I am Involved: I want to be involved because I believe everyone should be aware behind the unethical treatment of animals during the process of making the products that we all use especially when makeup is at its most popular.


Kyra Hanson, 18 from Gloucester
Occupation: Business Student
Fun Fact: I uh.. I have a phobia of spiders?
Why I am Involved: Animals are my life.





Image may contain: one or more people, selfie, closeup and indoor


Lauren Goodfield
, 19 from Gloucester.
Occupation: Nursery Nurse
Fun Fact: I am in Olly Murs ‘Right Place Right Time’ Music video
Why I am Involved: I am vegan and care a massive amount about animals and they’re treated.


Image may contain: 1 personRachel Kirk, 20 from Everywhere! (This girl is never in one place/country for long!) But was born in Aylesbury.
Occupation: Social Media Executive
Fun Fact: I have webbed toes. (Well uh thanks Rach… not sure how we respond to that).
Why I am Involved: I want to be involved because it’s something I care about and it will help me make and hopefully lots more people make wiser options when buying makeup/beauty products e.t.c that don’t test on animals.


Image may contain: 1 person, beard and closeupJosh Silk, 23 from Gloucester.
Occupation: Front of House Coordinator for Tokyotattoo
Fun Fact:  I’ve played World of Warcraft for over 11 years and used to play competitively. (I think this is when I sighed at my cousin!).
Why I am Involved: After you approached me for the project so I decided to join and support the cause for both of us also I am just the biggest softie when it comes to animals!


Ciera Regan, 20 from Churchdown
Occupation: Nursery Worker
Fun Fact: I’m so clumsy, I’ve broken over 8 bones in my body! (Pretty sure that’s just been within the space of a year…).
Why I am Involved: Always have been a big lover of animals and would like to discover more cruelty free makeup brands, I am also a massive supporter of peta.





Image may contain: 1 person, closeupMegg Reeves, 19 from Tuffley,
Occupation: Waitress studying to go into fashion design
Fun Fact: Hmmm my one fun fact is the reason I guess I am part of this, WE MET IN LIKKY TOILETS ONCE (that’s a club in case you don’t know) AND THE FRIENDSHIP BLOSSOMED!
Why I am Involved: I’d love to be involved as it’s such an interesting and valuable cause, makeup is huge now and as women and men we all need to be concerned about whats happening behind the scenes before we buy our makeup. We all know it happens but kind of try to hide from it. This will will be a really cool way to spread a message to people!


Okay guys so there is my amazing and very crazy team! Help me?

Keep following this blog series for all the updates, messages from our sponsors Tokyo Tattoo and of course our Protest and Petition! Thank you for all your support!


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