We Are Making A Stand – Tokyo Tattoo

We Are Making A Stand – Tokyo Tattoo

Part 2 of my mini series is finally here! Why has this taken so long? It started a couple of weeks ago when I had a virus which then turned into Pneumonia, and after going in and out of hospital for blood samples, wee samples, penicillin drips, x-rays etc… Well… I survived b*tches! Now I am here to talk about TokyoTattoo Studios, the sponsors for this blog mini series/protest. If you don’t know what my new little blog team (Yes I have a team now!) and I are protesting, not only have you been under a rock but you really need to get involved. A group of young volunteers have all come together in my home town to join forces to protest against chemical testing on animals for beauty products. If you are wondering if you should be involved then let me ask you simply, if you wouldn’t want blood on your hands then why would you put it on your face? To show your support sign our petition here.

Image result for the simpsons you may remember meAfter speaking to Josh, you may remember him from such previous blog posts as ‘meet the team’ and ‘The renaissance? Oh wait the revival!’, and in such roles as my cousin Josh in my life, we both decided this protest should be bigger than a little blog post; that’s when he spoke to Deano Jouni the owner of TokyoTattoo Studios in Cheltenham about sponsorship. Yes people, I have contacts, and after kindly agreeing he has appointed Josh as TokyoTattoo’s representative, so this is just a little bit about their brand and a friendly chat with Josh.

Tokyo Tattoo Studio has been open for 4 years, Deano’s goal was to change the face and style of old tattoo studios. If you are like mine and Josh’s Nan you will be pleasantly surprised when you walk into TokyoTattoo Studios. Gone are the days of scary men inking you with rewashed needles in a dimly lit room, heavy metal blaring, with a shaky hand writing ‘Hells Angles’. TokyoTattoo Studios is a complete juxtaposition with a bright, modern, clean studio with stunning artwork and a refreshingly friendly/family feeling atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong, if you go in there’s definitely going to be a few Blink 182 throwbacks here and there but a few minutes will pass and you’ll happily embrace it and reminisce in your old Kerrang days. TokyoTattoo Studios has broken down the mould of conventional tattoo studios and created a welcoming atmosphere for everyone, including my Nan.

“The studio is at one of its busy times at the moment so we can’t always help everyone but when it comes to a brilliant charity or a cause like this we are happy to help. A cause like this has such good positive intentions we are more than happy and are really excited to put the work in! We are all about pushing boundaries and making positive change so this protest and petition reflects us as a brand and as a studio.”

So that’s a little bit about TokyoTattoo Studios and how they are helping us with over £4000 worth of sponsorship in one way or another. A big thank you to TokyoTattoo Studios and I shall leave you with some of their brilliant art work and all the info you need to book a tattoo!




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