I ate meat.

I ate meat.

Although campaigning is still the top of my list and of course you should sign our petition and pledge to go cruelty free for beauty here! I thought I would blog about something a little different. Those times I ate meat, but not on purpose! Yeah sorry guys I guess this blog title is a little bit of click bait, especially for those meat eaters who were hoping to hear about a drunken kebab night or a full transition to eating meat now or something. So the “Wait you’ve never eaten meat?” question always gets thrown at me and in short I say no, but technically speaking that is very untrue. As easy as it is to say no even with the “But you’re black and you don’t eat chicken!?” and “But bacon though!” remarks I thought I better address the question properly once and for all!

For around 19 years of my life I was Pescetarian (someone who does not eat meat but eats fish). My mums been a veggie for over 30 years and my dad eats meat, apart from pork, so that’s how they decided to bring me up. Nothing wrong with that! Actually very grateful and definitely did not miss out! January 2016 I decided to go fully vegetarian as ‘fish are friends, not food’ and I have found the transition rather easy despite a few cravings for McDonalds fillet ‘o’ fish and my dads tuna and rice. So here are the three times I have eaten meat..

  1. That packet of Haribo that I had no idea about when I was little!
  2. That mini sausage roll at that 6th Birthday party. Okay this one was a little evil. All the adults there knew I was a pescetarian and my mum was veggie. So before you say your mum shouldn’t have left you there, they all assured my mum I’d be fine. In fact they agreed on a system, if I was unsure I’d ask the mum running the party and shed tell me if it was ‘safe’. So I go over like “Hey can I eat this?” because we always had veggie sausage rolls at my parties. She went “Yeah yeah,” and my mum came into me eating it, horrified she told me what it was and I went home crying. Really was not fun. Safe to say my dad was rather pissed too. So thanks a lot ya b*tch.
  3. The Sheppard’s pie disaster of 2015. This one will probably make you laugh, in fact I laugh about it, now… it’s a laugh or cry kind of thing I guess. My Nan had made the family sheppards pie, back in the day family dinners were the sh*t. My nan is basically Mary Berry. I actually went early and made the veggie one whilst she did the meat one. All was well and good. I was feeding my nephew Kione whilst everyone got stuck in. I turned to get a mouthful of my food whilst Kione ate a bit of Yorkshire and I cant even begin to tell you how I felt as I chewed. Straight away I spat it into the napkin. “Is that meat!” “No don’t be silly!” I looked down at my plate full of turkey mince. I look around the table. “Then why has Nathan Got the same colour mince as mum and I have the same as everyone else?!” “Oh shit..” and that’s when I threw up on the table. Now my mums gagging, my nans started crying because she feels so horrible, my granddads swearing, my nephews clapping and saying “Well done the aunty Iya!” and Rachel’s laughing.  Weirdly Nathans just still eating… MY DINNER! Yeah I actually think that may of been the last time we all ate together? and in the end I was the one apologising for making my Nan feel bad! She triple checks every time she plates me up food now…  Also here’s a cringey family photo.. just to make this post a little more.. you know.. personal.

So yeah I guess you could say I ate meat. But don’t worry, I am 100% sticking with veggie life.


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