Behind The Scenes with my Artists – We are making a stand!

Behind The Scenes with my Artists – We are making a stand!

Our campaign finally landed a couple of weeks ago and here at Iya – Louisa’s we are still asking the question; If you wouldn’t want blood on your hands, then why would you put it on your face?   Pledge to go cruelty free and sign our petition here. Our beautiful campaign photos didn’t just happen, it took an amazing team of people and early starts and late finishes (sorry guys!). All voluntary and freebies! Including our beautiful settings, thanks to Robert and Norma for letting us use their home. So now I thought I better give the behind the scenes artists a little credit. Thank you to my Makeup Artists; Molly Hampton, Stefany Adriano. Special FX artist Robyn Howe. Hairdresser/stylist Charlie Williams. And photographers; Ben Tompkins, Grace Perry.




The artist worked the whole day on all the looks I wanted to achieve. With charlie single handily styling and even cutting every models hair, Robyn creating gory and rather revolting looks on everyone, Stef and Molly getting people quickly in and out of the chair, fixing looks, creating drag and Grace taking all the behind the scenes photography whilst Ben took the main campaign photos (Over 500!) and edited them all. These guys are truly amazing and hard workers and I cant thank you enough! The music in the dressing room though.. Britney and cha cha slide… really?






























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