Behind The Scenes with my Models – We are making a stand!

Behind The Scenes with my Models – We are making a stand!

So yesterday I thanked my amazing artist. Remember people to sign here! And is I’m thanking my artists I better thank my models who all got chucked in at the deep end and were up for anything! *cough* Josh *Cough* so thank you; Emma McAllister, Alix Lund, Ciera Regan, Joshua Silk, Cicely Parsons,  and Rachel Kirk.

“Maybe if you pick her up?” “What like this?” “Maybe.. no.. no not like that.”
“Grab Josh’s top and look pained!” “Ciera this is about animal abuse not domestic!”
“Ooo Alix I just got a message from Chris Brooker! *reading out loud* Is this a campaign about saving the gingers?”

“Can you try to look like you actually like josh as a person?”
“Again can someone please pretend that they are attracted to Josh!” “I’ll try…”
Charlie : “God Alix sit up! Its like your’e modelling for a Lidl Advert!”
“I think we need to change the setting… You look like Bella and Edward right now.”
Charlie: “Alix you just really look like a primark version of Emma right now.”
“Josh you just look really angry…” “Yeah mate just loosen up your eyebrows!”

So thank you team for a very long, funny and brilliant experience! xx



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