Our Summer Bucket List.

Our Summer Bucket List.

Have you ever had all those plans for summer but then ended up sitting in your pj’s pigging out watching TV series after TV series (Note that I’ve put series not episode!) and before you know it your break from work is over? That tends to be my life… So I got together with a special helper; my sassy 8 year old sister Talliah. We scanned the world of pinterest for some ideas, follow Iya – Louisa’s here, and then together we have written the ultimate summer bucket list to be completed by September 1st :

  1. Go to a beach. This obviously had to be on the list! Hopefully abroad rather than Weston!
  2. Go strawberry picking. Talliah is obsessed with  strawberries, especially dipped in sugar! We are a healthy family…
  3. Go swimming. Last year we tried to teach Ciera how to swim… disaster! We never left the shallow end.
  4. Go on a picnic.
  5. Go on a hike. I’m not sure she really understands what this is… she moans walking to the shops… but hey we need to burn off those strawberries dipped in sugar.
  6. Go to a magic show or circus. We actually completed this one on Sunday!
  7. Go to a carnival or a parade. Gloucester carnival really does not count!
  8. Go on a photo scavenger hunt. Instagram better get ready.
  9. Go on a boat. Does just standing on one and getting off again count or?
  10. Go to a big shopping centre. Despite the fact we go to Westfields in London apparently this had to be on here…
  11. Go to an aquarium. This has to be a fish friendly one… not like the one we went too where fish was also on their menu! See Nemo eat Nemo was even way too much for meat eating Talliah.
  12. Go to a festival.
  13. Go to a carboot sale. 
  14. Go to mini golf/crazy golf. Big golf was just way too much…
  15. Go to a spa day. That hotub party at Samia’s has changed her. She’s a lady of leisure now.
  16. Go to a fun science day.
  17. Go camping. hmm maybe glamping…
  18. Go to a fireworks display.
  19. Dress up and go somewhere. I still don’t know if she means ballgowns or fancy dress.. but its too late I’ve agreed.
  20. Hold a smores bonfire party.
  21. Visit a new place.
  22. Visit a funfair. 
  23. Feed the ducks. 
  24. Explore the woods.
  25. Stargaze. 
  26. Breakfast for dinner!
  27. Try a new food.
  28. Use a Photo booth.
  29. Watch an outdoor movie. 
  30. Games night.
  31. Toast marshmallows. Apparently this is separate to the smores party.
  32. Family movie night.
  33. Build a fort inside. 
  34. Build a sandcastle. 
  35. Water fight.
  36. Read a book. Any suggestions for either of us?
  37. Write a poem. 
  38. Turn off the TV for a day. 
  39. Make something you can wear. 
  40. BBQ.
  41. Make a new friend. Always important!
  42. Make a video. We are going to film this bucket list journey!
  43. Bake cookies. 
  44. Grow a garden. 
  45. Do a cocktail course. This one is obviously for me so calm down. Shes given up the alcohol now! Strictly mocktails.
  46. Make lemonade. 
  47. Learn how to do pottery. If all fails… paint a pot.
  48. Hand print art!
  49. Draw with chalk. Sometimes its just the simple thing!
  50. Make tie dye shirts. 
  51. Make ice lollies.

What’s on your bucket list for summer? Let us know so we can add to ours!


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