The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

Ok I have got to admit… I had no clue what this even was until I was nominated! So if like me you have no idea here’s the craic. The versatile blogger award is when someone nominates you and you follow The Versatile Blogger Award Rules (yes there are rules!) and you end up getting a little personal with your readers as well as sharing some bloggers who inspire you. So what are these rules?

The rules are simple!

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Share 7 interesting facts about yourself in a blog post (Easier said than done).
  3. Nominate 10 bloggers who you believe deserve some recognition for The Versatile Bloggers Award.

Cheers Lindy-Loo

So starting with rule number 1 I need to thank Linda from HowLindyCsIt, now this girl was my best friend from day one, literally, we went to family centre, infants and juniors together!  She probably doesn’t realise it but she is a massive reason to why I started this blog and was one of my main inspirations so if I could nominate her again a thousand times I would! When I first thought about blogging I was so nervous and scared of what people may think and it would look bad I continuously put it off until I saw how great her blog is (seriously go check it out, it’s great) and then she literally gave me step by step instructions on how to create a site, where to start etc! Thank god! She truly is a saint!

7 (kinda) interesting facts about me:

  1. I have no middle name, as everyone calls me Iya I am constantly explaining that Louisa is part of my first name not my middle name.
  2. I have an adorable yet stupid dog called Shade (this may have been an excuse to post yet another pic of her) but I am actually allergic to dogs… Yep. Tablets pretty much everyday. Thanks mum and Nathan for you know considering that when you brought her.
  3. I am addicted to napping. This is no joke. I get tagged in about 10 nap memes a day and my friend even brought me a Nap Queen top for Christmas. If I make plans with you and it’s around 2/3 in the afternoon they’re 100% getting cancelled…
  4. I have only 3 playlists on Spotify and yet they are perfect representations of me. Reggae – self explanatory mainly listened too when I need to feel calm or feeling extra summery. White Gyal – this is anything from bieber- Beatles – oasis – blink 182 to Carrie underwood before he cheats. And finally Inner Black girl – tends to be old school hip hop & R’n’b, grime, D’n’B and or course dance hall.
  5. I’ve rescued turtles and helped the hatching process in Cyprus.
  6. I believe in fairies, mermaids, Angels etc.. Thanks to my Nan and that’s why I have a fairy tattoo on my thigh which is a character from a story she use to tell me.
  7. I am an emotional sap haha. I cry at films, songs, TV shows, stories etc… I’m such an emotional reck! It took me over an hour to give my mum the synopsis of the notebook because every time I tried I just sobbed my heart out! Tragic I know.

So there you have it some “interesting facts”.

And my inspirations/nominations are (drum roll please!): 

  1. Denise from BeyonTheLashes
  2. Aimee from Schoolasuras
  3. LaQuin Taylor from Canuemagine
  4. Paul, Emma, Chris & Hollie from Happy Daisy
  5. Alisha from cremedelacrumbs
  6. Tashina Combs from logicalharmony
  7. Maria Elena from Ambinity
  8. Ashlee from Thelilfoxes 
  9. Beth from ToastyWrites
  10. Char from Charwbeauty

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