I am Twenty Fricken One : 21 Things I am glad I’ve learnt

I am Twenty Fricken One : 21 Things I am glad I’ve learnt

I am about to be super selfish and do a mini series on, well, me! Yep that’s right! I am twenty frickin one and it’s time to get personal. Let’s start off with a quick and simple blog post, in my favourite form, a list! All about me. Well… the stuff I have learnt over the years. Both good and bad. Here are my 21 things that I now know and wish I had known waaaaay earlier. So instead of a long “dear 15 year old me/younger self” letter here’s my list:

  1. It’s ok not to be “Popular”. Being a cool kid at school really isn’t everything.
  2. To quote Taylor “Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.” There’s always going to be someone who hates something about you or something you do. You can’t please everyone, and trust me that is fine.
  3. Just be a c*nt. Yep a c*nt. Sometimes you don’t need to be nice and selfless, sometimes you have to be a little selfish to succeed and be happy.
  4. Honey your boobs will come in eventually… and brastop.com will become bae.
  5. Sometimes Mum can be Mum and Dad. Appreciate her for it.
  6. Don’t listen to them. Do not relax your hair! Love your curls.
  7. Don’t get relationship obsessed. Love yourself at least a little first and then it’ll be easy to love someone else. Couple goals are overrated. Honestly you’ll find someone when you least expect it. 
  8. However get out there! don’t be afraid to go for it. If its a guy, a job you feel a little under qualified for or even if it just being a little spontaneous.
  9. You hate energy drinks, jaeger bombs and anything that tastes like aniseed. Just don’t.
  10. It’s ok to say No. Trust your gut.
  11. Negative people need to get cut. Don’t worry about how long you’ve known them etc.. they are bringing you down. Chop chop motherf*cker.
  12. Don’t go out of your way for people who wouldn’t do the same for you.
  13. Don’t go back to an ex. No matter how much good history you can remember. Cliche I know, but an ex is an ex for a reason.
  14. Jack Wills and Superdry are not a brand that you HAVE to have. Nor do you need to carry your PE kit around in one of their shopping bags.
  15. All of that time learning random songs e.g. nandos skank, at least 6 of Eminems albums and blood hound gang bad touch. Really was not a waste of time, totally worth it, sing your heart out.
  16. Mental health illnesses are nothing to be ashamed of. Talk to people.
  17. Pasta in not a breakfast food.. shout out to 3 stone heavier previous me.
  18. Don’t be envious of what everyone else has got. Especially when its just been handed to them. You will eventually get there. Hopefully!
  19. Work really hard and stick to it.
  20. Don’t use tropical flavoured anything! You are so allergic. So so frickin allergic.
  21. If in doubt draw on your brows, put on your fat sucking in Primark pants and just smile. It pisses them off.

Enjoy my uh … not sure if its a glow up… but major change … 15 year old me Vs (almost) 21 year old me:



































Anything you’d like to add? Feel free to share!


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  1. Dean
    12th October 2017 / 10:37 am

    Great blog post #KeepPushing love what I’m reading.

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