I have got a load of new blog posts to write, from the continuation of my #YouArePrettyForABlackGirl campaign to new food reviews but this is a post that just had to take priority for me. Even over my birthday posts. Yep even over posts purely about me! If you aren’t aware October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and today it is ‘wear it pink’ as the national symbol for breast cancer awareness is a pink ribbon. There are so many reasons to why I find this so important but most importantly it is because it is so easy to ignore breast cancer and checking yourself until you are somehow directly affected yourself. Which unfortunately and some point you probably will be as 1 in 3 people in the UK will at some point develop cancer. And that is why awareness is so important.

I was affected by breast cancer in 2013 when my Mum, the woman I adore, was diagnosed. I can not describe the way I felt when I was hit with news. The way it affected me was of course nowhere near the way it affected my Mum however I can honestly say I was heart-broken. Now at this time everything started to fall apart, I had dropped out of year 11, My depression was worse than ever and the people I thought were my friends… well.. lets just say they weren’t (Luckily I have great friends who I love now! haha). I announced the fact that my Mum had cancer on Facebook. Now this was not for as some people thought, attention. 
It was because I needed to share what felt like a burden, a cruel joke, with somebody. Any body. I couldn’t talk to my Mum because I was trying to be strong. My brother went a little into denial and just said no everything is fine to everyone. My Dad, despite being separated from my Mum for years at this point was also scared and my Step Dad Nathan was carrying everyone at this point.

Now there was one person at this time who came into my life and actually really helped. Weirdly it was Christy Beamish a kid from school who was in and out of friendship groups I was apart of but never really hung around with me one to one. I think we met up once before but that was it. Literally everyone found us hanging out together really odd. Like we weren’t a match. He was at a friend’s house when I wrote the Facebook post and rang me to see if I wanted him to come over. All I remember was he came over, I cried and he hugged me for ages. A couple of weeks later he rang me crying. His Mum had been diagnosed with breast cancer too and he came straight over.  As odd as we were together and as much as we did or did not match as couple that is something I will always love about Christy. He was there. When nobody else was, Christy was, if it was for a hug, a chat, or just being silly and putting on his Mum’s chemo wig and sending me pictures. I think we went through things people really did not understand but I am glad he was there despite the horrible circumstances. My Mum and Christy’s Mum are both in full remission. Thank f*ck. Now that is an actual friend for life. Also these are the only photos I now have of you so enjoy Christy!

Check ya Tits!

Not sure how? Here’s a helpful link.

Now luckily my friends have not had breast cancer however they have had close calls. And two have them have kindly decided to tell you all about it so here’s their stories.

“I was 17 my ex found the lump and screamed ‘what the f*ck is that!’ I had no clue it was there. It was huge. I sh*t myself mainly, I went to a GP and they said it was fine. A year later I was randomly at the doctors to get a prescription and I asked if they could check if my lump felt bigger. She was shocked and said I should have been checked, then I has a biopsy in Chelt with a needle and ultrasound, three weeks later I’m all good. You need to check yourself, or even get someone like your boyfriend to check for you!” – Yulia

“Well it was really scary as I was 11 years old and I felt the lump pure by accident and never told mum about it as didn’t think it was anything. When I told mum she was asking all sorts if questions and I became quite frightened and I went to the doctors had doctors feeling my boobs. They booked the operation quite quick as the lump was big they feared it would deform my boob. I couldn’t do anything for like 2 weeks and had to go for check ups every month, they moved to 6 months after a year. Because it had gotten so big it has made my boob a little deformed. Since then I always feel my boobs for new lumps and now I know what I need to be feeling for anything that doesn’t feel right or new lumps I go straight to the doctors. The most scariest experience I had was when I was at college with you found a lump that felt funny, went doctors and they agreed it felt funny so had an appointment at breast clinic where they ultra sounds my boobs and took a sample. I cried in the waiting room I was so frightened it was cancer. I always check myself as sooner you find it the better! Don’t be afraid to go to the doctors even if it’s nothing, it’s better to get a professional opinion. I try to check myself at least once a week. It is so easy to do can do it in the shower, sat on the sofa, or even in bed it’s not complicated nor time-consuming” – Larissa

And now I need to say something that hardly ever gets said. Men need to check themselves too. Because men can also get breast cancer.

Now after that seriousness here is a picture of my dog being accepted into Hufflepuff and some great ideas for gifts for anyone going through breast cancer:

And here’s my top 5 things to give to someone going through breast cancer:

  1. Chocolate – Because chocolate makes everything better.
  2. A comedy film or two or three – Because sometimes you need to feel cheered up and not have to watch adverts such as McMillian, as although they’re helpful, when you’re going through it yourself they can be hard to watch.
  3. Tea – Well we are British after all. And when in doubt the kettle needs to be on.
  4. Super soft tissues – Because although putting a brave face on is great, sometimes you do just need a cry.
  5. A really soft comfy pillow – This was the most helpful in my Mum’s case. When she had the lump removed putting her arm down was just so uncomfortable so when her friend gave her a pillow to put under her arm it was just perfect. Trust us on this one.

So today I am urging people to be brave and take a minute or two to check themselves. That is all!



  1. 5th April 2018 / 7:37 pm

    It is so important young girls, women ladies of all ages check themselves. Does not have to be a daily thing but a few times a month, just to make sure that they are ok.

  2. 5th April 2018 / 11:06 pm

    Thanks for promoting breast cancer awareness and for mentioning that it can affect any gender.

  3. 6th April 2018 / 4:51 am

    Breast cancer awareness is very important, my grand ma had it when she was quite young and my mom says how that phase went. So, we all need to get the lump checked, if we feel any.

  4. 6th April 2018 / 8:19 am

    You have been through so much but your positivity has shone through. I am so happy your mum is on the road to recovery. Well done for raising awareness about a topic people find hard to face up to.

  5. 7th April 2018 / 8:27 am

    Thanks for pushing the awareness on this as I don’t thinks enough people actively check as people think it just won’t happen to them x

  6. 9th April 2018 / 8:48 am

    Thats A great post for womens to be aware of situation of breast cancer . Mostly we don’t realize its severity . We surely need to keep check on our health issues.

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