12 Acts of Kindness

I am going to do an Iya – Louisa’s Style Blogmas… yep. Blogmas. Me! The person who can never get away with posting regular content. Like ever. Even now my dog Shade is bringing (well ramming into my leg) her ball to me and I feel like not writing this post…

What’s Blogmas?

Blogmas is where you post a holiday/Christmas themed post up everyday until Christmas day itself.

What is an Iya – Louisa’s Blogmas?

Yes I did just paws writing this to play fetch with Shade.. did you get that? course you did. An Iya – Louisa’s style Blogmas means 4 things; Cruelty free beauty, Food reviews, Sass and a Few Christmas ideas and stories thrown in. Oh and one more thing! A lot of puns and bad jokes. So brace yourself.

Lets start with this cliché shall we?

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

Day 1: 12 Acts of Kindness

I thought what’s a better way than to start with the Christmas tradition of giving? Now this doesn’t have to cost you anything if you don’t want it too… it doesn’t even have to be random people it can literally be your friends and family. But I am setting you the challenge of completing 12 Acts of Kindness before Christmas day. So you have from now until the 24th! That is plenty of time! If you are asking why 12 then really b*tch? inspo from the 12 days of Christmas? Here are my 12 acts that I am going to complete:

  1. Buy somebody a hot-chocolate
  2. Leave a kind note – Inspired by my mum (ill go into more detail about that later).
  3. Give someone chocolates!
  4. Feed someone! Anyone! for free
  5. Give a Christmas card to someone you normally wouldn’t…
  6. Buy someone some gloves!
  7. Spend an hour just with a loved one, no phones, no distractions just them and you.
  8. Help with housework or odd jobs!
  9. Tell a parent when you are Christmas shopping how well-behaved their child is! and not in a sarcastic way. Trust me on this one!
  10. Compliment a stranger.
  11. Bake something for someone.
  12. Take something nice into work for everyone.

So there you go. My 12 acts… to be updated soon!

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