Why I hate Secret Santa

Blogmas Day 2 with tidings of comfort and stress… Here is why I hate Secret Santa:

  • It’s never a secret! You always get the ones who tell each other who they’ve got and then everyone knows and it just ruins the fun of guessing. 
  • That one person who just buys a box of biscuits. No thought, no effort, and I can guarantee I’ve got a load of biscuits ready for Christmas. 
  • The really weird gift nobody really understands why they’ve got it… Shout out to you Alex!
  • The person who obviously went waaaay under budget. £1 shop anyone?
  • The person who “forgot” to bring their gift yet is happy to receive one.
  • The person who can’t take a joke. Yes you got a candy bra from Ann Summers, whack it on over your
    Christmas jumper and just smile for the picture will you!
  • A cheap DVD, if it’s not one they’ve mentioned they wanted, is not a proper gift. I am talking to you Mr. Fullerton who gave me space jam in year 7… every 12-year-old girls dream… 

Here’s how to do a successful secret Santa:

  1. Set a budget you all agree on and let everyone know its a 50p leeway.
  2. Want to make it a real guessing game? Don’t assign a person just do a lucky dip.
  3. Doing it for work and you have that one serious miserable person? F*ck Sarah from the cash register, go funny if that’s your thing!
  4. If somebody doesn’t want to be involved just leave them out, don’t ruin the fun for everyone.
  5. Do your research, actually put effort into your present.

As much as you probably hate it sometimes you just cant avoid it so make sure you just do your Secret Santa in style! And if in doubt just chuck a bow on it.


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