Why I hate Amazon Wish Lists!

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Its blogmas day 3! And what says Merry Christmas more than a rant! (I told you this blogmas would be Iya – Louisa style). This is why I am not buying anything from an Amazon Wish List for Christmas again!

Over the past few years my family and friends have been doing a thing called buying every single present from an amazon wish list. At the start it kind of felt like a modern version of your list to Santa, you know when you’d write out everything you want from the Argos catalogue as a kid? In fact sometimes it is just easier. Who doesn’t love online shopping? But here’s the thing, where’s the fun? Where’s the effort? Where’s the actual Christmas spirit?

If you are buying me a present you should know exactly what I want for Christmas because you should know me! If my friend Ciera can get me a present then my brother should be able to get me one too right?

Even with solid plans like wish lists there’s always that thing of knowing every single present you’ve got. Like is there any need to even wrap it? Someone always forgets to remove what they’ve got so sometimes a presents doubled up anyways. And sometimes the gifts that are wanted are just not in your price list. If you are really that unsure then actually physically speak to the person! It’s not that hard!

I like actually going to the shops, yes sometimes you may need to get a few special things online but I like to do a bit of both. I like going Christmas shopping, looking around seeing if anything stands out for certain people, listening to Christmas music, grabbing a hot chocolate and then begging mum for a lift at rush hour because my bags are too heavy!

This year every single present I have brought is something I have come up with myself for people. No wish lists at all. Just actual thought and effort. Because at the end of the day isn’t that what a gift really should be?


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  1. Mum
    3rd December 2017 / 9:16 pm

    Love what you have wrote my feelings exactly, hope you like what santa has got you !

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