Nothing says tradition like a scratch card!

Everyone has their own traditions especially around Christmas! Some weird and some wonderful. When it comes to my family Christmas traditions are very important. They’ve come from all over and I love them all! Its time to get personal, Its day 4 of Blogmas:

  • Everyone gives each other Christmas cards but they can’t just be handed to each other, they have to be posted by Santa with a “Did you hear that? no noise. I think it was the door! Insert name Why don’t you go and have a look?!”
  • My mum would always put a gingerbread man and a Christmas note in my packed lunch. Hence the inspo for my 12 acts of kindness!
  • All Cards are stuck around a Mirror.
  • After the Christmas decorations have been put up, with music! You have to pull your first cracker and have a chocolate off the tree.
  • Advent Calendars are mandatory regardless of age.
  • Wishing everyone a merry Christmas Eve Eve is a must!
  • The huge amount of Christmas food is only allowed to be opened on Christmas Eve! Yes its a struggle! But you can guarantee somethings opened at Nan’s as she’s had to conduct a “taste test”. 
  • Christmas Eve = Chinese. Nobody wants to cook on Christmas Eve do they! I will post my fave vegan friendly Chinese soon!
  • The Elf Olympics! Yep that’s right! One of the newer traditions which is probably around 8 years old, was created in aid of our family from Belgium coming over every Christmas eve. Where a battle of Team Hannah vs Team Annelies takes place to be crowned winner of the Elf Olympic Games and proud owner of like… a rubber or something. It’s extremely competitive. 
  • Everyone on Christmas Eve sings Fairy tale of New York.
  • We still put things out for Santa. I am the youngest in my house…
  • You can’t open your stocking on your own. If you are at Nan’s that’s great because she’ll be awake from 4am if you’re with mum you’ll probably be waiting till 7… 
  • Nobody can enter the present room until everyone is ready… this is something I’ve always hated… 
  • Breakfast before presents! Again! Boo! Made better with Christmas themed crumpets over the past few years.
  • At 11am we toast anyone who is no longer here with us.
  • One person is in charge of handing out the presents.
  • Everyone has to have a brussel sprout on their Christmas dinner.
  • Women cook the dinner and the men do the dishes. Sexist I know!
  • Everyone gets a scratch card at their place at the table which is scratched between the starter and main course.
  • A board game is played. Normally one of mum’s presents!
  • Granddad moans that were watching the Eastenders Christmas special.
  • Everyone gets up for “Picky bits” despite being so ridiculously full from a couple of hours before.

So that’s our traditions! What’s yours?

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