The Mentality Behind Mental Health

The Mentality Behind Mental Health

You’ve heard how I feel about my mental health and you’ve heard how Josh feels but its now time to talk to everyone else about how they feel. Mental Health covers so many things, it’s not just depression. And I could tell you my views on everything but unless you’re going or have gone through it you just don’t know. So here are some of my friends and family to tell you exactly how they feel about their Mental Illness’.

“When I’m stressed I get psychosis, but I can drown the voices out by listening to the vacuum or the hair dryer, I become obsessed with things, I have really annoying tics which can change from anything like raising my eyebrows to twitching my thumbs. I hate going to the doctors I don’t really like talking about it, I’ve been in therapy since I was 10, took them till I was 18ish to chuck a diagnosis at me, which could be wrong, they put me on anti depressants then anti psychotics then a stupidly low dose of anti depressants which were useless because it’s already been established I’m not depressed, now they want to put me on mood stabilisers which would be fab if anyone would actually call me. I’m not surprised we have such a high suicide rate when we just can’t get the help needed, this has gone from primary school to I’m going to be 22 in November, asking for help is like chucking a tear into the ocean, in my opinion.” Lauren, – Personality disorder.  

“Having bipolar disorder means waking up not knowing whether Tigger or Eeyore will be making my decisions for me.” Samia, – Bipolar.

“I would say that I’m in a constant battle with myself. I think the onus on trying to be ok with yourself is harder or more challenging with you have a partner, especially at our age because you don’t want to put them off or have them form a different idea of you. I mean I found it really difficult to sit down and talk to Nathan about it because the first time I relapsed last year and had to go back on my tablets, he just said I have nothing to be sad about. I think the stigma around the mental health conception is awful, no one is educated on it. Nathan tried getting me to explain what was making me upset and all I could come out with is that I feel numb. Nothing need even set you off. A lot of days, even with my tablets, I feel low but I just have to tell myself I don’t have the time for it. It’s just a hole, you don’t know why you’re upset but you kinda have an idea how you’ve got into the state you have at the same time. ‘You could be in a room full of people but still feel alone’ that sticks with up from a bloody movie😂 because it’s just so true. You feel like you’re a hindrance and that you don’t really have anyone but you have everyone? I think your mind can be a very dangerous dark and lonely place, however, seeing my mom in the darkest depression, on the highest tablets you can be on, I know it may not ever leave you but you can tackle it” Emily, – Depression.

“Anxiety is that mental health condition which is often confused with “youre just feeling nervous” or “youre just shy” anxiety is when your throat swells at any place with more than 3 people or in a crowd, anxiety is when things you really want to do.. the devil on your shoulder saying “if you do this, this will happen.. it will be terrible”
Anxiety is worrying your loved ones will disappear or come down with a serious illness..
Anxiety and feeling anxious are completely different.
Anxiety is shit.”   Paige, – Anxiety. 

“I never really knew how anxiety effects you. I didn’t know the signs. I was moving too fast in my life to realize that I was suffering with it. I didn’t know that lack of sleep and not eating was self harm. Along the way of my path, I experienced nervous breakdowns through grief but also at times of taking on more than is physical possible for me. The last one was huge and I mean the last one. It will never happen to me again. The good news is you can change through educating yourself. We are all unique. What effects me may not be your experience. Because you are unique too. What has been key to me is understanding what scares me, facing it and changing it. Mindfulness is what keeps me even. Check it out and see if it will help you. As for Society, yes people can be cruel, family can be cruel but this is not about them. It is about you. Hold your chin up and ignore the negative stigma around it, It is their problem not yours. Get help, be strong and stay strong.” Patti, – Anxiety & Depression. 

“The first panic attack I had I noticed my fingers were numb but didn’t think much of it, after a few minutes it started playing on my mind and the numbness spread to my chest and jaw ( I was hyperventilating but wasn’t aware of it) I thought I was having a heart attack as I couldn’t feel my body and I was getting really dizzy, the more I panicked the faster I started to breathe which just started a vicious circle. I started getting pains in my chest and was thinking I was going to black out at any moment. I got the car to pull over and knocked on some door or camp site I can’t remember. They called the ambulance and got me some water. I remember sitting on the curb not being able to feel my body and my fingers twisting inwards from hyperventilating or having a heart attack as I thought. The ambulance came and gave me some oxygen through a mask but the woman accidentally made it release too much oxygen so I ended up feeling worse, then another ambulance came, this time with trained staff as I guess the others were local helpers or trainees. They took the mask off and got me in the back of the ambulance and linked me up to a heart monitor system. I remember watching my heart beat on the machine and thinking it was just going to stop all of a sudden, the staff told me to calm my breathing down and focus on some where nice, this was near impossible with my heart making the machine bleep constantly but after some sugar sachets things and trying to block out the beeping machine in front of me I slowly started to calm down. After an hour I was starting to feel almost normal and sat in the back of the car on the way home.
Problem now was it started me feeling anxious about getting anxiety again, like what if it was a heart attack and they missed it or what if I just faint while going out. I started to avoid car journeys and even going out in fear of having another attack. Problem was I started just getting them at home and my social circle got smaller and smaller. It went like this for ages until I kinda got tired of being anxious and bit by bit I started going for small walks ect. I seemed medical help and ended up having a member of staff trained in mental health/anxiety to help me understand it. Things started to get better as I learnt how to cope with it and stop it from getting into a full blown panic attack. I still get problems near enough every day but I can handle myself a lot better now. I have recently been having trouble with my breathing and have found out that breathing through my mouth has been the main cause of most of my problems, I was filling my lungs with too much oxygen and not enough c02 so I felt as if I couldn’t catch my breath all the time. I know have started to breathe through my nose which was surprisingly hard at first but I’m getting the hang of it now. I feel a lot better for it and I advise anyone with anxiety/panic or hyperventilation problems to try it. It’s called Buteyko and is definitely worth a look.” Anon – Panic attacks & hyperventilation problems. 
“Anxiety can come in many different forms for everybody dealing with it. For me I feel anxious and have panic attacks in which I feel sick, get breathless, feel light headed and I struggle to sleep most nights. I worry about having a panic attack, I feel trapped and I always think I am not good enough for other people. Which in consequence I tend to avoid situations that I might panic in and get out quickly if I start to feel panicky. As a result I can feel lower in mood and I can’t do things I want to in life. Living with anxiety has ruined my social life completely, it is almost none existent, it has made relationship with family, friends and partners very hard to maintain because of it. I have had anxiety for a number of years and I am finally step by step learning how to cope with it. My coping mechanisms are if I feel like I am having a panic attack I look at multiple things to distract myself but I mostly tell myself that this is not real and I am the only one that has the power to stop what’s happening to me. It doesn’t seem it but it’s mind over matter and I know eventually I will be okay and know how to deal with it.” Ben, – Anxiety
We would love for everyone to share their experiences and stories to #EndTheStigma behind Mental Health. Feel free to comment below! You can always do it as anon. Love and respect to everyone who has come forward ❤️💛


  1. Monidipa
    17th May 2018 / 3:08 pm

    very less people dare to speak upon it. good to see that you wrote about it or rather elaborated about it

  2. 17th May 2018 / 5:28 pm

    I am so pleased that you brought this forward. As a parent of a child suffering from mental illness, I realize how hard it can be not only to articulate but to have others understand.

  3. Lorrain
    17th May 2018 / 5:29 pm

    So proud of everyone who has spoken out , it’s so hard for people to address any sort of illness, let’s hope this has helped people realise they are not alone

  4. Elizabeth O
    18th May 2018 / 11:15 am

    This was a powerful post. It was interesting to read about mental health from other people perspective. I think it is very brave of all these people to tell their story.

  5. 20th May 2018 / 7:38 am

    From reading their stories, yours and Josh’s , I can agree that dealing with mental conditions is not easy and it’s very commendable seeing you voice out your opinion and other s’mores with the aim of #EndingtheEnigma behind mental health! Cheers !

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