Me, Myself and Iy. – The Introduction

Me, Myself and Iy. – The Introduction

New series time! All of this thought and planning and now it’s come down to it I have no idea how to start this series at all. This is my most personal blog series yet and the one I am struggling the most with. This isn’t because I am not used to talking about myself or my personal life, like I literally wrote a post called “All about my suicidal little ass” and it’s the most popular post I’ve written. However everything I write about is in the past and although their may still be emotions attached to those situations and stories they are not as raw.

This series however will be. The plan for this series “Me, Myself and Iy” is to start a journey where I reform myself into the person I want to be. This could literally be a series that lasts a month or two or like the rest of my life! haha. Who like even knows? So okay this is a very loose plan. What I do know about this series is that I am going to try to be as real and honest as possible and at the end of this you will probably no more about me than you ever really wanted too. I am going to link my mental illnesses in as much as possible to this too. This is so people can start to understand the symptoms of depression and anxiety more and will be able to visualise them and connect them to everyday activities. But before I do all of this as this is literally just the introduction/brief explanation of the series which officially starts on the 28th October at 7pm UK time here are some questions about the series answered.

What Mental Health Illness do you suffer from?

I have been diagnosed with Severe Depression and Moderate Anxiety.

Have you been properly diagnosed?

Yes! I have been medically diagnosed with my illnesses. If you feel like something is up then please see a doctor and do not diagnose yourself.

Is this a series for people with Mental Illnesses?

Not at all. I think everyone will be able to relate to this series in some way! I am like a normal human being believe it or not!

Is this series going to be depressing AF?

Uh I really hope not. I am literally just going to be honest about how I am feeling the whole way through. If I felt shitty at all that week or day I will say. I am not hiding on social media.

Is this attention seeking?

Probably? 😂 Although I am not doing it for that reason. I want to put out what real mental illnesses look like. Everyone seems to believe certain things or stereotypes when it comes to mental illnesses as they think I have to be depressed all the time or if I’m out they think I must be fine again. etc…

Why haven’t you posted in a while?

I have a life. And at the moment my life has been all over the place and very stressful with family members being diagnosed with illnesses, the loss of my friend, my own mental well-being and just everyday stresses. Recently my body has been showing me how stressed I really am and I’ve even had a trip to the hospital after I had a horror story moment and my eye haemorrhaged.

Why this series?

It’s a way for me to vent, to help others gain a greater understanding and also let people know certain things are also just normal. I also think it will just be a fun motivational way to start a new chapter in my life. I have drafted over 30 blog posts in the last few months and honestly I’m not feeling even one of them. I refuse to be someone who just chucks out content for the sake of it.

What’s actually in this series?

This series is going to be filled with stories, rants and diary style posts! Hopefully a mixture of funny and serious, come laugh with me. and then come cry with me! haha

So I think that is everything and well yeah, time to get excited about something new! Hopefully this is a project I will love doing.


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