My Digital Detox

My Digital Detox

This is actually a post about mental health. You know when your Mum always says all negative things that happen in your life are due to being on your phone/Facebook/iPad etc…? Well what if she’s kind of right? Well not everything… but mentally.

A few months ago I did a series on how society wants us to act/look and conform and how this is linked to social media and its evil addictive personality. So in a way Mum’s have a point right?

I can’t do a standard digital detox as they normally include shutting off devices completely for hours or even days; now due to the blogger life devices are actually my life. It is also the only way I have contact in the week with my boyfriend, Dad and grandparents. So I am going to do a small 4 day detox and review if it made any difference, like at all!

Why 4 days? I have taken 4 of the best most suited points on detox challenges and they are:

Day 1 : Unsubscribe from email lists you don’t care about, Unfollow/unfriend anyone who have a negative impact or are no longer relevant in your life and delete all apps on your phone you no longer use.

Day 2 : Turn off push notifications for apps you actually don’t need to follow and social media.

Day 3 : Stop looking at your phone first thing in the morning (except to turn off your alarm, if you have an actual alarm clock set that instead)

Day 4 : Stop looking at your phone during dinner and catch ups etc…

So just 4 points, but they were big ones.

Day 1 : I had 1,918 friends. But I could easily list who’s actually there for me on my hands. It was time to declutter. If you are like me and you are like “Who the fuck is this?” and your squinting at their profile picture then you need to delete them. Delete those friends from school you hated, those people you don’t really know, don’t like, and no longer bother with etc… If you’re reading this and you’ve been deleted (which I doubt) and you are offended did you even like me? have we seen or spoke in the last 6 months? do you support my work? The answer to that would be a no. I deleted a lot of people I had met in clubs, however me being me, since then I have met more of these “friends” I just can’t help it haha. You can always follow my instas if you’re that desperate to see whats going on in my life @iyalouisas & @iyazwhite. Now I have 580 friends on Facebook!

I have since then also unfollowed/unsubscribed from junk emails which actually feels so good! and removed myself from groups/group chats that were making me feel shitty and negative. I also deleted all my crappy apps and pictures/screen shots I no longer need on my phone.

Day 2 : This is actually the best thing I have done. I get so many blogging related notifications that I actually started to feel sick and stressed whenever my phone would vibrate and it had such a negative affect on my mood and I didn’t even realise!

Day 3 : This is another great one. I actually find this a lot more calming to start my day positively rather than looking at crap and moaning people on my feed.

Day 4 : I hate sitting at dinner with people who can’t be bothered to talk to me, so this was actually easy. I find it so rude.

So here is the T. Phones can actually have negative impacts to your health. Maybe not exactly in the ways your mum says but she is right. I recommend that you do this easy 4 step digital detox because it will actually bring so much more positivity into your life. My anxiety levels are actually lower and I find it so much easier now to concentrate more!

Let me know what you think and if you have tried it in the comments!



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