Fraps, Chat and Motivation

Fraps, Chat and Motivation

It’s time for a new take on the diary writing scenario. I know I tried it last year and failed. Mainly because it was super forced. I knew that there was a ‘demand’ for more of my mental health style blogs and I just wasn’t 100% sure how to go about them. Although they were honest they just felt poor so instead of discovering myself that way I decided to try another way. Still diary style and still in this section. But more of a focus on just me and then the mental health stuff will naturally follow, trust me it will.

Normally January kick starts my diet, me going into an over planning mode and well just over trying. But this year it is just not happening! Honestly my motivation is like a 0 right now. So what can I do? I could carry on watching ‘Fit for Fashion’ on Netflix where people do 5am workouts whilst I sit on my bed eating Pringles judging who was the weakest one out of the group OR I could try getting motivated. I am not going to lie, the first option seems better right now. Sigh. I wrote the first paragraph of this post and then took a break. It’s honestly that bad. Something probably needs to change right?

Here is the plan for the day;

  1. Get in the bucks, and by bucks, I obviously mean Starbucks.
  2. Tidy the room up a bit.
  3. Do a little forward planning for the year.
  4. Start that planking every day challenge I mentioned in ‘The 52 Lists Project’.
  5. Think about more meal prep etc…

“All good things are wild and free.”

Henry David Thoreau

As part of just trying to stay motivated I am going to set myself 5 small tasks a day. No more than 5 as then it’s just going to be overwhelming! But I need your help as well as a chocolatey chip Frap. And well I am asking: What motivates you? How could I stay motivated? I need all of your ideas and no matter what they are, I am going to try them and put them to the test (please don’t think to crazily! haha yes I am nervous now.) Comment below your ideas! God help me.


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