How I lost 5lb in 2 weeks – Part 1

How I lost 5lb in 2 weeks – Part 1

As mentioned in my last couple of posts I have started a new diet. It’s week 3 and in the first two weeks I have lost 5lbs. Now let me start by saying I a m not a nutritionist or a PT. I am literally just learning from youtube, Pinterest, friend who are PT’s and trial and error. I am also not saying this is the diet/lifestyle for you however it does work for me and is working very well.

Trial and Error

For years I have tried diets on and off and they were either too hard or just didn’t work but finally I have found one for me but first lets talk about common ones I have tried which did not work out at all for me (again this is about me personally, I know people who have tried these diets and have claimed they have worked for them). Slimming World which didn’t work as it encouraged just low fat products which were just food mixed with artificial rubbish, as well as the fact that a lot of ‘fats’ can actually be good for you, and as many carbs as you like which cause weight gain. With this one I was eating more carbs than needed to substitute for other “syns” and put on weight. Calorie Counting was another thing I tried, I downloaded MyFitnessPal and scanned everything I possibly could. But again something like an avocado would have around 322cals and then a 2 finger kitkat bar has 104cals. So then i’d actually be making poor food choices and going for a kitkat because my calorie counter said it was okay. This was also they same result for the 5:2 Diet. Another one was The Juice Diet. This one I brought all the really expensive ingredients for, asked for a juicer for Christmas, prepped all the juices and lasted about 8 hours. I hated the juices, especially the vegetable ones, and it was just rubbish. Another issue is yes you will loose weight but when you start eating properly again you will put all of the weight back on. When choosing a diet you have to think of it as a life style choice and think to yourself can I stick to this for the rest of my life?

Dieting Rules

For any diet you need to make sure you can stick to the following rules:
1. A diet has to be a life style you can maintain for the rest of your life -Because if not as soon as you slip back into old habits you will just gain weight again and be back at the beginning.
2. You can afford to keep it up – don’t start a diet or one of those tea programs if you cant afford to do it for the rest of your life as after all this is going to be a life time thing.
3. You actually enjoy it and the food options it gives you. – again you’re going to have to keep this up.

My No Carb Diet

So here is the bit you are waiting for, the actual diet plan. Here are my rules:

  1. You can only have carbs on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Carbs include – cakes, pastries, potatoes, bread, pasta and white rice. On carb days you can have them all (but if you wanna be healthier switch to brown bread and pasta).
  2. Weigh in day is a Friday, measurement day is a Sunday (make sure you are weighing/measuring the same time every day.
  3. Stick to the exercise plans.

The Exercise Plan

I always try to do 4-6 workouts a week. Each one starts with 20 mins of cardio, between 40-60 mins of focus training (training a particular area) and then 20-30 mins of stretching. Each work out has one of the following focus’ Arms, abs, cardio or legs, which I do every week and then if I am up to it I will include bum and stretching.  At some point I will go into work out ideas etc.. in more detail. 

Final Thoughts

That is my plan and essentially how I lost 5lb in 2 weeks. However my goal is not to loose loads of weight as quick as I can as I actually want to do this healthily. My goal is actually 1 lb a week. Which is what I will be happy with! I will go into loads more detail but at risk of overloading everyone with info I shall leave you with;

“Good things come to those who sweat.”



  1. Nathan
    21st February 2019 / 12:09 pm

    Well done baby super proud of you!

    • iyalouisa
      21st February 2019 / 1:38 pm

      Thank you ♥️

  2. Robyn
    21st February 2019 / 12:52 pm

    Good idea to have card free days rather than banning them completely! Do you have any carb free meals you recommend? Possibly you could post some recipies or meals at resturaunts, sure people would wanna see! Well done on the weight loss girlie x

    • iyalouisa
      21st February 2019 / 12:55 pm

      Thank you lovely! It’s as if you can read my mind 😉 foodie related posts will be coming very soon!! X

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