How I lost 5lb in 2 weeks – Part 2

How I lost 5lb in 2 weeks – Part 2

**EDIT due to being super ill and a few things in my personal life I wasn’t able to include certain things I wanted too in this post but will include them in part 3 and will explain a little more about current situations but for now here is a slightly shorter than planned part 2!**

In the last part I spoke about the basis of my new diet/lifestyle change. However I didn’t mention the first time I ever did this diet and how I knew it would work again the second time around. This first time I started this diet I was 12 stone 7 which is 12 and a half stone (incase you didn’t know haha) that is just under 80kg. I was around a women uk size 16/18 and I was “fine”. Don’t get me wrong I knew I had put weight on and I wasn’t happy however I wasn’t motivated in anyway to do anything about it. Until a few days after Christmas. My mum had gotten me a pair of lovely high waisted jeans from Christmas that I wanted for ages and I tried them on and … they didn’t even go up my thighs. “Mum did you get the right size?” “I got whatever size was on your Wishlist” Yep they were the size I asked for. I just wasn’t that size anymore. I cried, my mum cried and it is a day I will always remember. The day something changed and made me motivated. I went down to a size 12 eventually. However I wasnt exercising neither was I doing the diet properly. I was cutting carbs but i wasn’t eating nutritious meals of enough so as soon as I got comfortable it just started to go back on. I got down to 10st 7 and almost 3 weeks ago I started my journey at 11 stone. It is easy to say when someone complains about their weight “Why don’t you just do something about it then?” I was over weight for years and moaned, complained, tried random things that didn’t stick but It took a single moment to motivate me.

My goals

When dieting I think it’s always important to have goals. And I don’t always mean the obvious goals, yes being healthy is great but remember all your reasons for doing it! As I am definitely remembering all of mine. 

  1. Loose 19lbs
  2. Feel confident in a bikini
  3. Piss off girls who called me fat 😏
  4. Feel more confident in photos
  5. Be more flexible
  6. Be able to lift 5 weights at The Gym
  7. Fit into those jeans (it’s a different pair haha)
  8. Loose a 1lb a week
  9. Be able to do the splits
  10. Keep the weight off

What I measure

Last time I mentioned I measure on a Sunday. I do this because with me I can loose weight but on the sales in can go up and down easily as well as this some areas of my body (My bum and arms) I am trying to build and tone so weighing can be unhelpful as muscle ways heavier than fat. I measure in Inches and I measure : My neck, Top of my arms (around the bicep- yep I know muscles), My waist, my hips, Top of my thigh, middle of my thigh and my calfs.

“Practice makes Progress”

That is all for this week on my diet, what are your fitness goals?


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  1. L
    28th February 2019 / 3:06 pm

    Keep going we are all with you x x

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