Futuristic Vibes, Creativity and WTH am I doing with my life?

Futuristic Vibes, Creativity and WTH am I doing with my life?

This post is a little late getting out timing wise but that is because I was actually starting on a few things for the next couple of posts. That’s right I am still forward planning, are you proud? The past week or so for me has been an odd one and I am slowly getting back into routine so you will have to bare with me. As discussed in our last post today we are going to be talking about goals. Life goals. Which for me is scary af. Not because I don’t know what I want my future to look like but because as a school drop out and constantly dealing with the consequences of my mental health I sometimes wonder if these things are even possible for me to achieve. I want so much out of life but I am worried life can’t give it to me. But yet here we are against all odds battling against all of the anxieties surrounding life goals. Because when I look back, 16 year old me wouldn’t have ever thought they were going to get a part time job.

I personally think life goals are slightly different to bucket lists and although they can interlink I am focusing more on goals than the standard specific bucket list style wishes. I have written goals a thousand times on here but they were always about my blog rather than my actual life. When it comes to life goals I have always found it weird sharing them or talking about them for whatever reason.

My Life Goals

  1. Achieve my exercise and diet goals.
  2. Open my own restaurant.
  3. Write and publish a book.
  4. Get 20k Social media followers.
  5. Own a home and pay off the mortgage quickly.
  6. Travel – a lot.
  7. Be finically stable. – Have a savings account above 5k at all times.
  8. Have a wardrobe I love.
  9. Make sure all my debts are paid off.
  10. Have a rainy day fund.
  11. Look at what my credit score is and see how to improve it.
  12. Go on courses to better my life.
  13. Start a youtube channel.
  14. Learn a new language.
  15. Find a side hustle that works.
  16. Be able to take my family out and treat them whenever I want.
  17. Finish my tattoo’s on my leg!
  18. Have a good collection of friends who I can rely on.
  19. Learn basic DIY.
  20. Be comfortable taking risks.
  21. Be more creative.
  22. Be organised. – clean one thing a day.
  23. Read daily.
  24. Decorate my home how I want it.
  25. Teach cooking lessons to children.

There are probably way more things I could write but for now here are my first 25 goals which I am going to hopefully achieve. In the next post we are going to make a start and we are going to do it in an anxiety free way and go back to bringing the focus on my mental health. We are going to look at a way I was taught to set goals through a CBT course I did to help with my anxiety and see if it works for you and if in real life situations it actually works for me!

“My goal is to create a life I don’t need a vacation from.”

What goals would you add? And how do you achieve your goals?


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