I have something to admit…

I have something to admit…

I have a lot to admit to you guys. I can’t ride a bike. I haven’t watched titanic. I don’t know how to say the days of the week in Spanish. But slightly more importantly I have to admit that I am happy. Yep, Happy.

This Month it is literally “National Admit You’re Happy Month”. And It may sound stupid but I actually thought it was quite important. I am a pessimist. I try not to be but with my depression and anxiety I always find it very easy to see the negative side of things. And let’s be honest many of us do. Is there a lot of things I would change in my life? Yes. Have I had a lot of crap lately? Yes. But I have to admit overall I am actually genuinely happy. Gasp.

I think a lot of the time we don’t realise we have a lot to be happy about and I don’t just mean the usual, feel grateful we have food and water and a home thing. I feel like we don’t notice simpler things as society has made us not feel accomplishment or even celebrate it as its seen as cockiness or bragging or being self absorbed. But today I am going to admit or confess a few things, and I am not sorry about it. And I think you should too.

I Must Admit…

  1. I am actually super proud of myself for taking a leap into my career. Going into a new job that is going to help me with my future plans. and well actually getting this job with a good wage.
  2. I am super proud of how I have handled my break up. You can read more on that by clicking here.
  3. I am excited to be moving house (still living with my mum) and being able to start saving and collecting things for my future.
  4. I am happy with my current body shape and how my fitness progress is going.
  5. I am feeling good about my current friends/friendship group.
  6. I am confident with/without makeup.
  7. I am happy.

What would you care to admit?

No murder confessions please,

Iya – Louisa 💁🏽🖤


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