Getting a little personal

What is this? The getting a little personal tab has changed for the first time in over 2 years?! That’s right guys times are changing and so is this blog! If you are new here you probably have no idea what I am on about so bear with me (also welcome!).

In the old format the Getting ‘A Little Personal’ tab was just like all of my other menu options where you clicked on it and all of my similar posts relating to the same subject would appear. And well, now you’re getting this page instead. This section of my blog was basically dedicated to anything and everything I liked/liked doing or was either about me, my family and/or friends. We had interviews, mental health, we had protests, and we literally had why my Nan is better than your Nan. Now I love doing stuff like this! I love being able to post all this random content with a little personal touch. I then had an idea for a new blog series and this one is going to be completely different to the rest. I looked at all this mismatched content and just thought how does this fit in? How will this work? Is it going to work? etc… So something in my blog (which has not been changed for two years) had to change.

Are you changing all of the content for this category?

Don’t panic! As I know a lot of my most popular posts are from this category. I am going to keep them and I will continue to do similar content just like my mum’s old protests, Interviewing drag queens, having chats with Levi roots, and all of the other random stuff on here. But from now on, all of those random posts will literally come under the sub heading of ‘Randomly Personal’. So when you hover your mouse over ‘Getting A Little Personal’ a drop down box will appear and literally click on ‘Randomly Personal’ to see anything like that.

What is this new option/category?

The new menu option… let’s discuss. Like I said I have been debating a new series or project for a while now and I thought how will I fit this in. Initially I was going to just start a whole new menu option completely, rather than a sub category and then I thought will people be confused to why it’s personal content but not classed as that category etc… So this just seems the best way to do it. Not only will it look more professional but it’s also a lot better for you guys as you can now navigate your way around easier, win – win.

This new section is called ‘Me, Myself and Iy’ (a little play on the fact that people shorten my name to Iya and then again to Iy) and selfishly this is all about me! Like you thought the getting a little personal tab was self-centred? You’re in for a treat. I was originally going to call this the ‘Mental Health Diaries’ but I actually think whether or not you suffer from mental illness doesn’t actually matter. Although I will go into certain mental illness topics and explain little things I do which link to symptoms etc… but I feel like most people will be able to relate to these posts. So come and join me on my adventure and full on rants whilst I try to discover the route to eternal happiness.

Let the adventure begin! (Not to be confused with the food related Adventures category on this blog!)