**Update** Have you ever read something you wrote when you were younger and you just cringe at yourself? That’s exactly how I felt reading this “About Me” Page! So it’s deffo time for an Update! Lets cover the basics; If you don’t know yet (well where have you been?) I am a 21 Year old Blogger called, yes you guessed it, Iya – Louisa from Gloucester who occasionally has help from a special mini team of people (e.g. models, make up teams, photographers). The main theme for my blog is free from food and cruelty free!

I first started this blog due to being under the Princes Trust Enterprise Scheme but nowadays I have developed my goals and changed dramatically! What does my future hold in the industry? Just wait and see. 

There are 3 Main sections to this blog; Adventures : This tends to be food reviews (I can get a little bitchy!), Getting A Little Personal : This is obviously self explanatory, This is more about my journey, and personal life! and finally Throwing Shade : This is the cruelty free beauty and fashion section.

So join me for a bitch, campaigns, a bit of controversy and hopefully a giggle!

Want to hire Iya – Louisa’s for a workshop or Food stall? Holla at us by dropping an email! iya-louisas@hotmail.com