Disclosure Statement

You may start seeing a few posts which are sponsored or where I am collaborating with different brands and organisations. If I am I will always let you know at the start of a post! You will also see links in some of my posts through out my social media normally followed by #sponsored #affiliatelink. These links mean when you click of the link provided and purchase something through this link your girl is getting some coin! This is one of the ways I make money, this is the same for any codes I give you e.g. “use Iyalouisas15 at the checkout” this will cost no extra money to you but will help a girl out 💁🏽

With all of my sponsored post and collabs I promise to give my own personal opinion. I have a voice and I intend to use it and not use anyone elses. All of my opinions and content on this blog is my own unless I state otherwise (e.g. quotes) and are all based off of my own personal experiences. I will never lie or try to slate brands or organisations because I “just don’t like them” and will always keep it real and spill the T. Paid or not, if something isn’t right I will tell you! Any further questions then let me know!