Frequently Asked Questions

Here are all of the most frequently asked questions we are asked and hopefully the answers you want!

Who is Iya – Louisa’s?

Iya – Louisa is me Iya – Louisa! I am the creator, I come up with the ideas and write all of the content on the blog. When I refer to the Iya – Louisa’s team, family or use the word ‘we’ then I am talking about the group of people who help on the big campaign posts and guest speakers as well as our resident photographer Grace Perry Photography.

Are you Vegan?

I personally am not a vegan I am vegetarian! I will often review vegan dishes and restaurants in my Adventures section though so keep an eye out!

Do you exaggerate things going wrong in the restaurants you visit?

No! I always give my own opinion based on the experience I personally had. Yep that’s right “Il Bella Italia Disastro” was real people.

Do you only use Cruelty Free Makeup?

Here at Iya – Louisa’s we only use CF products. All of our campaigns and photo shoots are done solely using CF products.

Which Cruelty Free Products do you use the most in your shoots?

We use Fenty, Jeffree Starr, Unicorn Cosmetics and Makeup Revolution the most throughout our shoots!

Who is your photographer?

Here at Iya – Louisa’s we work with many guest photographers but our resident photographer is Grace Perry Photography. And she can be found on her website, instagram and Facebook. Yes you can hire her, yes we want her back.

What have you got going on mental health wise?

I am currently diagnosed with severe depression and moderate anxiety. Follow my new personal journey on the section Getting a Little Personal —> Me, Myself and Iy.

Was your Mum really one of those protestors who tied herself to buildings and stuff?

Are you serious? Did you see her Mohican? She was a bad ass, do you really have to ask?

Who are your models?

All of our models change depending on the shoot however they are always tagged in the original posts! Don’t be creepy though.

How do I become a model or join the team?

If you would like to be a part of the Iya – Louisa’s team especially when it comes to campaign work then just click here.

I am a brand/organisation who would like to collab/work with you, how do I go about this?

We love working with brands but only ones we believe in! Follow this link to find out more.

I thought this was a vegan/cf blog and now I see a lot of gay rights stuff?

Here at Iya – Louisa’s we are proud feminists, gay rights supporters and racial equality activists. If you don’t like that then feel free to exit our page.

I came to your blog for mental health help due to a few previous posts I have seen and I feel like I need help now. What should I do?

Here at Iya – Louisa’s we are all about talking about mental illnesses, suicide prevention and sharing our helpful tips and coping tricks however we are not doctors. If you need urgent help please go to this link on Samaritans or one of these alternatives for all different types of mental illnesses here.

Any more questions then just ask us!