“Normal is nothing more than a cycle on a washing machine”

Whoopi Goldberg

Like I’ve said, welcome. Welcome to my blog! I am Iya – louisa and I hoping this blog is far from normal. It has the basics of any other blog I suppose. however I am not struggling in uni or a mommy. I am a 22 year old from Gloucester who just enjoys writing and well being a little narcissistic.

I hope this blog is everything you were looking for and well if it isn’t… oh well.

Before I go I am going to quickly explain the sections of this blog!
Adventures : Foodie section. All of my adventures will forever be food related.
Getting a little personal -> Me, Myself and Iy. : My diary section and basically just my life. I told you, narcissistic.
Getting a little personal ->  Randomly Personal : Anything else related to me but not diary form.
Throwing Shade : Campaign work and cruelty free beauty. It’s mainly me throwing shade at the beauty industry and its standards.

“Stay classy, sassy… and a bit bad-assy.”

(I also promise to never finish a blog post like that, sorry.)