The New Team

The New Team

Hi, how are ya? (Jeffree hun don’t sue me) Hows everyone liking the new blog updates? The new logo? New style of instagram pics? Here’s a list of everything that has changed so far for 2019 :

  • The about page is now the ‘Welcome‘ Page and has been completely updated.
  • New logo’s.
  • I did a Taylor and wiped my instagram and I have started again with new content. If you’re not already then make sure you are following @iyalouisas
  • Whats happening! has been updated.
  • Getting a little personal section has now been updated!
  • The Me, Myself and Iy. section has been wiped and we are starting a fresh for this year.

The main thing that has changed is the team! Well kinda. I thought I better start actually talking about those changes and explaining a few things. I know I was cheeky and just jumped in with the ’52 Lists Project’ post. But I am updating you all now.

Grace Perry

Unfortunately we couldn’t afford a better photographer this year so we stuck with Grace! I am joking of course. It wouldn’t be Iya – louisa’s if Grace wasn’t here. Grace is of course on every social media site going but you need to urgently go to her Insta @graceeperryphotography and her facebook page.

Although we see her work constantly this is probably the first time you’ve probably seen her! So to you she kind of is new. This year I am hoping you’ll see a lot more of grace in front of the camera as well as behind!

Grace in a sentence : A 19 year old sarcastic, gluten free, coffee addict who can bring out the beautiful in anything.

Shya Marie

Last year I had the pleasure of working with this beauty on a couple of campaign pieces and she has been one of my most favourites to shoot with. Both standing along side in photos and working with on her own. Her insta (as it’s heavily requested) is @Shypinnock.

Shya has decided to join us and become a main model and work along side Grace and I. I am honestly so excited. You may have seen her in posts like, “You are pretty! You know, for a sporty girl.” , “Your insta pics look pretty! You know for a black girl.” and “You are pretty! You know, for a black girl.”

I love how passionate she is in these posts and I know she will bring the fire in our future campaigns!

Shya in a sentence : A funny, strong, super fit, old school music lover who’s willing to achieve perfection no matter how many steps that will take!

Is that the whole team this year?

Yes it is! This year I am going for a whole new blog feel which I am super excited to share with you. Honestly the photos and content I have planned ah! I will however have a few guest photographers and models. Which you may have noticed!

So far I have had the opportunity to work with the multi talented Lewis Brown, instagrams : @scandalewis and @delunasional. Who will be guesting throughout the year with some amazing photography. He also was the designer of my new logos! Ah. Just watch this space, oh and his youtube channel (shameless plug). If you are into drag then this is the queen you need.

It’s time for change.

“You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.”


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