Dreams, Love and Pessimists

Dreams, Love and Pessimists

It is week 3 and I am still posting. Like what?! This week has been a really good week but as for my body clock it’s a little messed up. I can’t even have a lie in anymore! Sigh. My week has been very jam packed but now my hours have slightly gone back to normal at work I have more time to just work on my life and think more about planning my future. But when doing this I always struggle because I love to dream big but others don’t always like it when you do. For todays post I want to talk a little bit about pessimists but first let me quickly catch you up on my week.

I actually cleaned my room and got rid of all my old clothes, books and just random rubbish I forgot even existed. Although I have decluttered it still looks crammed with stuff. I can not wait for the day we move and I get a bigger room! I am still meal prepping, and sticking to my diet and exercise plan however after a few requests I will be posting about that separately later on in the week! So you will have to wait to hear about that. And I have a LOT to say so bare with me!

But today honestly I feel utterly shit. Have you ever tried to be excited for something but then no-one else will be excited with or for you? OR you try to dream and plan for the future but then there’s always that one pessimistic person who wants to reality check you?

Lately I have been getting that a lot. It is hardly ever by people who do not know you and it hurts even more when it is by people who are closest to you as then it makes it feel true. Even when it is not.

A symptom of both depression and anxiety is pessimism. Infact when you are diagnosed and have to take part in the assessment one of the questions is out of 10 how often do you see or fear the worst will happen?

When someone has depression/anxiety (trust me I am talking from experience) they have already thought about everything which could go wrong, everything that won’t happen for them, everything they’ll never achieve and well anything negative. It takes a lot for someone with mental illness to push back against those emotions and fight for their goals and dreams. So if you have ever been that “not for the likes of us” or a “you’ll never do that” person maybe have a think about what you’re saying and how you are impacting others and even your own dreams. I could spend hours explaining why those people are actually wrong but one quote that is just perfect is this one. I will leave you with that instead.

Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.

Mae Jemison.

Today I would like to know what is the one thing have you always wanted to do but always get told you can’t?


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